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Fall tutors return to campus (with online capability) Thursday, August 26, 2021 and ending Wednesday, December 15, 2021. Fall hours are Monday to Thursday, 9:00 am to 7:00 pm and Friday & Saturday 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. Students may choose campus, in-person or live, online sessions during our operating hours. Call us at 860-253-3164, email as-tutors@acc.commnet.edu, follow us on Instagram @acctutoringcenter, or subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Schedule a live, one-on-one 45 minute appointment with ACC tutors or a calculator rental or drop-off

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Tutors are available for one-to-one tutoring sessions during our Fall Session hours:  Monday to Thursday, 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, & Friday & Saturday, 9:00 am-2:00 pm

Have a quick question for an ACC tutor, or questions about scheduling a longer appointment with a tutor? Try our 10 Minute Tutor Chat option

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Tutors are available in the chat during our Fall Session hours: Monday to Thursday, 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, & Friday & Saturday, 9:00 am-2:00 pm

Submit an essay, written assignment, or a Blackboard discussion post for review by an ACC tutor

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Tutors will begin reviewing papers during the Fall Session (8/26 to 12/14) Monday to Thursday, 9:00 am to 7:00 pm & Friday, 9:00-2:00; any material submitted outside these hours will be reviewed on the next business day. If you experience a technical problem when submitting your essay, please email as-tutors@acc.commnet.edu.

The Academic Tutoring Center will provide both on-campus and online tutoring appointments. To request an appointment with one of the ATC Tutors, click Schedule a Tutoring Appointment**For details about our live, online tutoring sessions see our Online Tutoring page. For more details and directions about ACC’s tutoring Services, visit the ATC’s channel on YouTube Button  or our Instagram page Clickable IG logofor helpful instructions & resources.

Scheduling Your Session with Asnuntuck Tutors

  1. Tutoring appointments may be requested up to 30 minutes in advance, but no more than one week in advance.
  2. If you need immediate help, use this Button to start a quick chat with ACC tutors.  button to see if a tutor is available to work with you.
  3. All tutoring sessions, both on-campus and online, last 45 minutes, and each student is limited to one tutoring appointment per assignment, per week. Standing appointments, and back-to-back/multiple appointments scheduled on the same day for the same assignment, cannot be accommodated.
  4. Please be aware tutoring is limited only to Asnuntuck students enrolled in Asnuntuck courses.
  5. Asnuntuck tutors will only be available for sessions or to answer messages during the hours listed above. Any requests or direct messages sent to tutors outside these hours will be returned during our normal operating hours listed above.
  6. The end time for students who sign in late to a tutoring session will remain the same. Time will not be added to the end of a session. In other words, if a session is scheduled for 10:15 AM – 11:00 AM and the student is unable to sign in until 10:25 AM, the session will still end at 11:00 AM.
  7. If a student cannot attend a scheduled session, please cancel or reschedule the appointment by using the link in the confirmation email sent to you from Microsoft Bookings (visit the ATC’s channel on for instructions). If a student needs to cancel on the day of their appointment, please call us at 860-253-3164 or email us directly at as-tutors@acc.commnet.edu.

Preparing for an on-campus tutoring session:

  • Everyone must follow all Asnuntuck Covid-19 protocols including wearing a mask and maintaining (3) feet of physical distance (social distancing).
  • Students are asked to share electronic copies of work with on-campus tutors before their on-campus sessions via email (as-tutors@acc.commnet.edu) or using Microsoft Teams (see pages 1 & 2 of this document for instructions). Please be informed that access to certain office supplies (public printers, in particular) is prohibited.
  • Only students with appointments will be allowed into the area.
  • Please come to your scheduled session prepared. In addition to an electronic copy of the assignment/s you are working on, be sure that you can access and share with your tutor the course syllabus, text/s, and your notes. Please complete the assigned readings and come prepared with your questions.
  • Cell phones should be shut off during tutoring sessions.
  • Food and drinks are strictly prohibited in the ATC.
  • Students are required to wipe down their workstations and any office supplies they have used, such as calculators, at the end of the tutoring session.
  • There will be extra time between appointments to allow students time to thoroughly clean and disinfect workstations at the end of their tutoring session.
  • Students needing additional access to computers after their tutoring sessions will be directed to schedule time to work in a Computer Lab in rooms 212 (room numbers are subject to change), which will be available to students for 2 hour blocks of time and be open during college operating hours.