How to request a Book from the CSCU Consortium


*You will receive an email in your official school email that your items are ready to be picked up.

**Library staff will be in the building Monday through Thursday from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm, Friday 8:30am to 4:30 pm and Saturday 9:am to 2:00pm.

How to Request a Book

 Go to and enter your search in the box. In this case, we will be using Abraham Lincoln. Click Search:


In the upper right hand corner, click on Sign In:

 Then click on “Community College signon” and enter your Net ID and password (Just like you were logging in to myCommNet):


 The results list will contain books, articles, etc., and you want a book. To limit to just books, click on “Available at ACC” on the left hand side of the page:


 HELPFUL HINT: If you want to look at the newest books first, click on Sort by and select Date-newest:

 Look down through the result list to see titles that you may find interesting. Keep in mind that the record should say “Available at” in green. If it does not say this, the book may be checked out. 

If you have searched the Asnuntuck books and did not find what you were looking for, it is time to look at the entire CSCU consortium – all 17 institutions and millions of books!

Redo your search by going to the drop down menu and selecting CSCU Library Consortium and click the magnifying glass to search:

As with searching just ACC books, you can also sort by Date-newest when searching the entire consortium. After searching “Abraham Lincoln” and sorting by Date-newest, I wanted to get more information about O Captain, My Captain so I clicked on the title. NOTE: Available books will automatically say Available or Check holdings. Check holdings requires you to click on the title to see availability.

As you can see, O Captain, My Captain is available at Central and may be available at Eastern. To request, click on the blue REQUEST FROM ANOTHER LIBRARY BUTTON.

After clicking, the software will determine if it is available (it should be), where the pickup location is, and then click on the green REQUEST button: