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What is Guided Pathways Advising?



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December 5th, 2023

10am – 2pm

Western New England University





Guided Pathways Advising is a dynamic student-centered holistic approach grounded in student development and learning. Guided Pathways Advisors (GP Advisors) align advising practices with the diverse and unique needs of each individual student in their caseload. GP Advisors advise, advocate, mentor, support, and coach their caseload to reach their individual goals.

Connect with your GPA for assistance and/or advice on:
•Selecting your major and developing your goals
•Registering, dropping, or withdrawing from classes
•Transferring to another college
•Being successful at ACC and beyond

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday : 8:00am – 4:30pm



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CASA Suite, Room 111