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Advanced Manufacturing

Connecticut is home to nearly a third of all advanced manufacturing jobs in New England. Now is a great time for you to join the 9,000+ students who have been successfully trained at our Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center.

We welcome students from many different walks of life:

  • Enrollment in two-year or four-year degree programs
  • Employer-sponsored internships
  • Incumbent worker training with private sector companies
  • Partnerships with the area’s school districts
  • Partnerships with federally sponsored career centers

Leading-Edge Training Since 1998

Asnuntuck’s Advanced Manufacturing program provides unique opportunities that can benefit your personal and career growth:

  • Established relationships with area manufacturers and aerospace-related companies, such as Pratt & Whitney / United Technologies
  • College credits that can lead from certificate status to associate and bachelor degrees
  • Regional and national accreditation, making qualified students eligible for federal grants and loans
  • 50+ internships annually from dozens of area employers
  • Over 90% of students graduate with a job — and without student debt

Partnerships with Area Schools

The Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center has been engaged in the College Pathways program for more than a decade, with hundreds of high school students participating. We have also introduced the advanced manufacturing field to students as young as sixth grade through our Fifth Year program, which works with area middle and high schools.

Students Operating Mechanical Drive Systems
Students Operating Mechanical Drive Systems

Electronics Expansion

Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field that includes a combination of mechanics, robotics, electronics, computers, telecommunications, systems and controls. AMTC has a new mechatronics lab dedicated to all disciplines required for supporting and repairing mechatronics equipment used by manufacturers today and into the future. For example – The AMTC state of the art mechatronics equipment has a Fanuc Robotic arm.

AMTC trains students to pursue a career in mechatronics. Students will learn to program robots and PLCs (Programmable Logical Controllers), and troubleshoot electronic controls to ensure continuous operation of the mechatronics equipment. AMTC trains students to meet industry standards. More opportunities exist for higher earnings, and training costs are very affordable.

Mechatronics is a growing field. With manufacturing increasing in the USA, the need for mechatronics professionals is in higher demand. Skilled mechantronics technicians are needed to keep things running at peak performance. Automated manufacturing is taking the place of unskilled labor, but there is always a need for a skilled individual to keep the automated equipment running.


Asnuntuck is an AWS Accredited Test Facility

Asnuntuck Community College is an AWS Accredit Test Facility. We offer same day certification testing to any American Welding Society Code book. (AWS Cards will be processed by AWS) Certification verification can be conducted at Asnuntuck Community College for those who already hold certifications.

We offer

  • Testing in GMAW, GTAW, FCAW, AND SMAW
  • The DOT testing for the state of Conn.
  • On site certifications
  • We supply the test plates, welding machines, consumables, processing tests, and issuing papers
  • We offer 6G tests for candidates working towards their G8 license

Testing can be in sheet metal to plate depending on welders need. We can also guide the welders towards what certifications they may need. IE position and thickness. All the welder needs is their own PPE (welding hood, safety glasses, gloves and jacket).

Call for pricing and availability at 860-253-3167 or email or

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Everywhere I go, businesses tell me that they need people with Advanced Manufacturing skills. These are the type of programs we need to support.
—Ned Lamont

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