Why do I need to meet with my advisor before I apply?

Degree requirements can be complicated.  Your advisor will help you ensure the following:

  • official matriculation in chosen degree
  • satisfactory completion of required courses
  • 25% of credits or more earned at ACC
  • Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.0 or higher (as well as 2.0 average for classes within the program)
  • paperwork completed for any prerequisite waivers or course substitutions
  • no remaining incomplete grades

When are applications due to the Registrar?

Complete a Graduation Application by the appropriate deadline:

May graduates should apply by April 1st
August graduates should apply by August 1st
December graduates should apply by December 1st

During the pandemic when college access is limited, students should email Graduation Applications to

Please do not attach DegreeWorks audits to emails at this time.

What happens after I send my form to the Registrar?

Your record will be reviewed to ensure that all requirements are met and you will receive an email verifying your eligibility to graduate or identifying unmet requirements.

Is there a fee to graduate?

No, there are no costs associated with graduation.

Will there be a May 2021 graduation ceremony?

YES! A Commencement Ceremony for students eligible to participate, will be held at Dunkin’ Donuts Park (the Yard Goats Stadium in Hartford, CT). Detailed communications will be sent to eligible students with Graduation Applications submitted by the April 1st deadline, as well as those with credentials conferred in August adn December 2020. Former students eligible to participate in the May 2020 cancelled ceremony will also  be included. Students with pending graduation applications should check their college email and this website frequently for additional information. Students should receive their diplomas in late June if all graduation requirements are fulfilled at the end of the Spring semester.

I have credits at another college that I will need to graduate, what do I do?

If you haven’t already done so, request that the other school send an OFFICIAL transcript to ACC.  Meanwhile, complete an Application for Transfer Credit and submit it to the Admissions Office to be certain that the credits are applied as you intend. This information must be received and processed by the conferral date. Late submission of information may delay your conferral date.

I have a hold on my student account, can I still graduate?

All financial obligations to the College must be satisfied in order for you to receive a diploma or certificate and have your transcripts issued to other colleges or potential employers.  This includes obligations to the library, the bookstore, the academic skills center, and the cashier’s office.