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Asnuntuck Changing Lives

Asnuntuck Changing Lives is a monthly public access series highlighting the programs and achievements of Asnuntuck Community College and its students and faculty.

Changing Lives airs Thursday evenings at 7pm on Cox Communications Channel 15 in the towns of Enfield, Suffield, Somers, Stafford, Union, Hartland, East Hartland, Granby, East Granby, and Holland, Mass.

Asnuntuck Changing Lives: Manufacturing Month (October 2018)

Asnuntuck Changing Lives: ACC Career and Transfer Services (May 2018)

Asnuntuck Changing Lives: Esthetics Program (April 2018)

Asnuntuck Changing Lives (March 2018)

 Asnuntuck Changing Lives – Continuing Education and Workforce Development (December 2017)

Asnuntuck’s Changing Lives: Manufacturing (November 2017)

Asnuntuck’s Changing Lives: Student Success Software (October 2017)

Asnuntuck’s Changing Lives: Registered Medical Assisting (RMA) September 2017

 Asnuntuck Changing Lives – President Mark Ojakian

Asnuntuck Changing Lives – Early Childhood Development

Asnuntuck Changing Lives: Be Like Brit Service Trip