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Student Success


Anthony Banks is currently working as a Mechanic Apprentice at Jacobs Vehicle Systems in Bloomfield, CT. He is also attending the Electro-Mechanical program at Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center. The instructors at AMTC are very knowledgeable; they will give directions when you are lost. The Advisors are a great help with signing up for classes. Anthony has been to manufacturing programs at other Connecticut Community Colleges, but Asnuntuck Advanced Manufacturing programs are incomparable. Work colleagues recommended AMTC at Asnuntuck and Anthony found the best programs for himself. Once complete the Electro-Mechanical program, Anthony will be working as an Industrial Mechanic. Advanced Manufacturing gives him great opportunity to better himself in the work force.

Electronics Technology

Samuel Williams is currently working at MacDac Engineering in Somers CT as an electronics field technician. Samuel travels to companies to install and setup DNC (Distributed Numerical Control) systems. He also, provides support to DNC, and any hardware that interacts with it. For fun, Samuel likes to build computers from parts.

He is currently taking classes to complete the Electronics-Controls certification at Advanced Manufacturing Center. The advisors are very friendly. The have helped him with scheduling his classes and had placed him for the internship at MacDac Engineering.

The instructors are personable and knowledgeable. They all have unique business experience from the fields and he has learned a lot from them.

Machining Technology

I entered the CNC machining industry in 1996. My first job after some schooling was at Danaher Tool Group in Springfield Ma. We made ratchets for Craftsman and other tool companies. In ’99, they moved, and I got layoff. I left the field for solid work at Callaway Golf in Chicopee Massachusetts. Seven good years until I got laid off again. Unemployment sent me to Asnuntuck. There, I got the retraining I needed and got a job at Leipold Inc. in Windsor CT. I started on second shift and have been on days for a while. Today I am a Leipold lead trainer taking interns and new hires through their 90-day apprenticeship program. It has been my pleasure to help 18 new hires and interns get good jobs. Our company is growing along with the industry across America. Asnuntuck gave me a career and the ability to take care of my family and me and for that, I am grateful. –Mark A. Glenn–

Vangter Lor is a veteran of the United States Army. Vangter graduated from the CNC Machining Program in May 2016 and is employed at Pratt and Whitney as a Surface Treat Operator.

Welding Technology

For someone who likes adventure, my adventure at Asnuntuck was one that I will never forget. Asnuntuck’s advanced manufacturing technology programs have jumpstarted my welding career. They landed me a job in just a couple of semesters at MB Aerospace in East Granby, CT. The staff at Asnuntuck has no comparison. They are willing to help and support you to become the most successful person.
James McOmber

My name is Alexandria Reid. I am a military veteran, and I am a welding student at Asnuntuck Community College. Asnuntuck has changed my life. With the help of many faculty and staff, I have achieved personal, professional and financial goals that would otherwise have not been attainable. The instructors that I have encountered are some of the most selfless and motivating people I have ever had the privilege of learning from. I have watched all of them get excited when we ask to try new processes