Food Services

Catering Currently available:

Angelo Pizza – contact Sal – 860-741-6033

Chick Fil-A – contact Colby Webb – 860-253-0469

Cinco de Mayo Tacos – contact Alberto – 646-633-2373

Old Country Buffet – Contact Nicki – 860-745-5390

Dining – Corner Cafe

Hours of Operation:  Anticipated re-opening in October 2022

Vending Machines:

Snacks & Beverages – 1st Floor across from Conference Center, at SouthWest Lobby by Manufacturing, at NorthWest lobby by Library.

Beverages only – 1st Floor NorthWest lobby by Library; 2nd floor, next to Classroom 228.

Assistance – if you lose money in the machine, if an item doesn’t properly vend, or if there is a problem with the quality of the item, please contact the vending companies directly:

Beverage Machines – for refunds, concerns, or feedback contact Pepsi at 866-997-3774. Please include Asset ID # located on blue sticker near bottom of machine.

Snack Machines – for refunds, concerns, or feedback contact ServoMation at 315-875-5265 or . Please include Machine ID # located on black sticker at top of machine.

For other assistance, please contact our Business Office at or 860-253-3044.