How to obtain a locker

Come to the Front Desk in the Tower Lobby with your Student ID card and fill out a Locker Request Form.

Indicate your preferred location:  Science Corridor, Welding Corridor, Manufacturing Locker Room, or AMTC Locker Room.

A Campus Security guard will complete the rest of the form for you to sign, and will provide you with the assigned locker number, lock number, and combination.

Locker Policy

  1. Lockers are the property of Asnuntuck Community College, and assigned use is temporary,

and intended for storage of personal items, and course or work-related materials.

Under no circumstances may the locker be used to store drugs, alcohol, animals,

hazardous materials, firearms, weapons of any kind, illegal items, or other items defined by

the College as not allowable.

Any unallowed items identified may be confiscated by law enforcement.

  1. The College has joint use and control of this locker and may open and examine any of the

items or contents at any time.

The opening and examination of the locker may be done by Campus Security and/or law

enforcement and public safety personnel and shall always be made only in the presence of

another staff member.

When possible, the user may be notified in advance; but in critical situations, the locker

may need to be opened immediately, when the user may not be present.

All instances of inspection shall at least be notified to the user after an inspection is

completed. Such inspections of the locker shall be documented as to when and why the

inspection was done and by whom.

  1. Only college-provided locks are allowed to secure the college’s lockers.

The college provides locks to users free of charge, provided that the lock is returned and

the end of the assigned period.

Any other locks found may be cut-off and disposed of, after providing notice to the user.

  1. The user must agree to re-imburse the college $10 for a lost or abandon lock or locker, or

for a replacement lock if the user forgets the combination.

The user must agree to allow the College to remove and dispose of all contents if the user

fails to vacate the locker with 15 days of notification and must reimburse the College for

any disposal cost.

  1. Lockers are assigned, subject to availability.

Violations of the Locker Policy may forfeit the use of a college locker.

Authorization to use an assigned locker requires an Authorized Form signed by the user,

agreeing to all terms above.