The Enfield Youth Services Show works with town departments, schools, and more to get out vital messages about what's happening in Enfield.

The Enfield Youth Services Show

Twice a month on WACC, the Enfield Youth Services Show offers the best local coverage of what’s going on in Enfield and the Enfield schools. Past guests have ranged from state representatives to local principals and teachers in the Enfield School System.

You can also hear the members of the Enfield Youth Services group providing drug and alcohol prevention messages, information on local town events, and more through their public service announcements which air every hour.

The Enfield Youth Services Show airs on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 6pm, only on 107.7 WACC.


Week of June 5, 2023 – featuring Victoria Adams, Prevention Coordinator, Southern Connecticut State University

Week of May 8, 2023, featuring Pamela Mulready, Youth Recovery CT

Week of April 24, 2023 – featuring Brianna Montoya, The Network

Week of March 27, 2023 – featuring Danielle Girard, Enfield PFLAG Chapter

Week of February 27, 2023 – featuring Breanna DaSilva Grimson, Riley’s School of Dance, Enfield

Week of February 13, 2023 – featuring Kelly Fisher, Alex’s Army

Week of January 30, 2023 – featuring Rasheeda Priester, Enfield Department of Social Services

Week of January 16, 2023 – featuring Chief Fox of the Enfield Police Department


Week of December 26, 2022 – featuring Holly Simmons, Enfield High School; Maureen LaFrancis, and Barbara Hargraves from Enfield Alpha Delta Kappa

Week of December 5, 2022 – featuring Monica Wright, Executive Director, Enfield Safe Harbor Warming Center

Week of November 21, 2022 – featuring Greg Gray, Pastor, Enfield United Church of Christ

Week of November 7, 2022 – featuring Maya Matthews, Enfield Loaves and Fishes

Week of October 24, 2022 – featuring Miss Maher, Enfield High School teacher

Week of October 10, 2022 – featuring Melissa Griffith, Parent Leadership Academy Coordinator, Town of Enfield

Week of October 3, 2022 – featuring Justin Lopez, Elderly Services Care Coordinator, Town of Enfield

Week of September 26, 2022, featuring Amy Morales, Enfield Youth Services Operations Manager

Week of September 5, 2022, featuring Brianna Beckstrand, Enfield KITE Coordinator

Week of August 15, 2022 – featuring Melissa Torres-Newman, Enfield Adult Day Care Center

Week of July 18, 2022 – featuring Tessa Ridel, Town of Enfield Development Worker

Week of July 4, 2022 – featuring Enfield Town Manager Ellen Zuppo-Sassu

Week of June 20, 2022 – featuring Tracy Jarvis, New Day Church, Enfield

Week of June 6, 2022 – featuring the Ujima African American Alliance

Week of May 22, 2022 – featuring Karen Edelson, Senior Operations Manager, Town of Enfield

Week of April 18, 2022 – featuring Cindy Guerreri, director of social services, Town of Enfield


Week of June 14, 2021, featuring Alison Alberghini-Durler, Recreation Manager of the Enfield Recreation Department

Week of June 7, 2021, featuring Kathleen Souvigney, executive director, Enfield Food Shelf

Week of May 24, 2021 – featuring Mary Keller, Enfield Senior Center Manager

Week of April 12, 2021 – featuring Marisol Suarez of Allied’s Attic


Week of March 9, 2020 – featuring Della J. Froment, Enfield Supervisor of Assessment and Revenue Collection

Week of February 17, 2020 – featuring Mike Miller, Enfield Historical Society

Week of February 3, 2020 – featuring Joan Lawson, Enfield Together Coalition

Week of January 20, 2020 – featuring Rosalind Swift and Monica Wright of the Enfield Safe Harbor Warming Center


Week of December 16, 2019 – featuring Ray Steadward, Enfield Building Inspector

Week of November 25, 2019 – featuring Charlotte Riley, president of the Enfield First Readers Association

Week of November 11, 2019 – featuring Christopher Drezek, Enfield Superintendent Of Schools

Week of October 28, 2019 – featuring the Scantic River Watershed Association

Week of October 14, 2019 – featuring Probate Judge Carolyn McCaffrey, R-Enfield

Week of September 16, 2019 – featuring Chad and Melissa Woodyard, Ministries of Love and Hope

Week of September 9, 2019 – featuring Asnuntuck Community College Student Activities Director Sherry Paquette

Week of August 26, 2019 – featuring Dawn Struck of the Connecticut Community CAP Project

Week of July 8, 2019 – featuring Walter Kruzel, Enfield Board of Education 

Week of July 1, 2019 – featuring Jenn Moncuse, project coordinator, Enfield KITE

Week of June 3, 2019 – featuring Enfield town councilman Carl Sferazza

Week of May 13, 2019 – featuring Enfield Police Chief Alaric Fox

Week of May 6, 2019 – featuring Enfield town manager Christopher Bromson

Week of April 29, 2019 – Featuring representatives from the Enfield Dog Park

Week of March 25, 2019 – Featuring Enfield Town Councilor Lori Unghire

Week of March 11, 2019 – The Enfield Little Sisters Of The Poor

Week of January 27, 2019 – Marsha DuFour, Regional Board

Week of January 13, 2019 – Enfield Police Explorers


Week of December 10, 2018 – Bob Crisotti, Enfield Town Councilor

Week of November 26, 2018 – Maureen McIntyre, NCAAA

Week of November 5, 2018 – Mayor Michael Ludwick, Enfield

Week of October 25, 2018 – State Representative Debate: Greg Stokes (R-Enfield) vs. Tom Arnone (D-Enfield)

Week of October 1, 2018 – featuring Jessica and Alyssa Michaud, Enfield Child Development Center

Week of September 16, 2018 – featuring David Messenger

Week of September 3, 2018 – featuring the North Central District Health Department

Week of July 2, 2018 – featuring Tim St. James, interim dean of students, Asnuntuck Community College

Week of June 18, 2018 – featuring various Enfield town volunteers

Week of June 4, 2018 – featuring Kelly Fisher from Alex’s Army

Week of May 14, 2018 – featuring St. Bernard’s School in Enfield

Week of April 30, 2018 – featuring Scott Bertrand, Executive Director, Enfield Housing Authority

Week of April 16, 2018 – featuring Marisol Suarez from Allied Attic Thrift Shop, Enfield

Week of April 2, 2018 – featuring Enfield HS Football Coach James Lyver

Week of February 19, 2018 – featuring Ms. Ceniglio and Ms. Barrett from the Enfield High School career center

Week Of January 29, 2018 – featuring Jarrod Clark, Enfield EMS


Week Of December 4, 2017 – featuring Officer Becky, school resource officer, JFK Middle School, Enfield

Week Of November 13, 2017 – Featuring Dawn Homer-Bouthiette, Town Of Enfield Social Services Director

Week Of October 16, 2017 – Featuring David Iacobucci, Vice Principal, JFK Middle School

Week Of October 2, 2017 – Featuring Audrey Szczesiul, Enfield Adult Education

Week Of September 18, 2017 – Featuring Melissa Everett, Enfield Clean Energy Commission

Week Of August 14, 2017 – Featuring Mike Vezzola, executive director, North Central Connecticut Chamber of Commerce

Week Of August 7, 2017 – Featuring Kathleen Souvigney, executive director, Enfield Food Shelf

Week of July 17, 2017 – featuring Damien Humphrey, deputy director of social services, Town of Enfield

Week of July 10, 2017 – featuring Tim Jensen of the Enfield Athletic Hall of Fame

Week of July 3, 2017 – featuring Mike Levesque of the Enfield 4th of July Celebration Committee