I was part of the the UCONN Guaranteed Admission Program and it was an easy transition to the university!

Liberal Arts (A.A.)

This program provides a broad background in humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and mathematics. It, in conjunction with early advising from four-year institutions, provides a good transfer program.

2.0 GPA required

Download the Liberal Arts Requirement Degree Worksheet.

Number Title Credits
 +ENG* 101 Composition (*) 3
+ENG* 102 Literature and Composition 3
COM* 173 Public Speaking  
THR* 110 Acting I 3

Humanities Elective

Choose one course from:  ART*, CHI*, COM* 101, 121, 152, 171, 173, 204,

ENG* (101 or above), FRE*, GRA*, HIS*, HUM*, MUS* 101, 103, PHL*, SPA*, SGN*, THR*

Fine Arts Elective:
Number Title Credits

Choose one course from:  ART*, COM* 166, DAN*, DGA* 111, 128,

ENG* 206, 207, 213, 263, 264, 281, 282, 285, 289, MUS*, THR*

Foreign Language:
Number Title Credits
Two sequential semesters of language

(WAIVER POLICY: In order to waive the foreign language requirement, a student must have a high school transcript that indicates a minimum of three years of study in a single foreign language and successful completion of the most advanced level with a grade of C or higher.  If waived, 6 additional liberal arts elective credits must be fulfilled.)

Human Development:
Number Title Credits
HDEV 101 First Year Experience• 3
•To be taken within the first 12 credits
Social and Behavioral Sciences:
Number Title Credits
SOC* 190 Self and Others: Dynamics of Diversity 3
Choose one course from:  ANT*, PSY*, SOC*
Choose one course from:  ECN*, POL*
Choose one course from: HIS*
Number Title Credits
+One Math course MAT* 140 or above
Number Title Credits
One Science Elective
One Lab Science Elective
Liberal Arts Electives:
Number Title Credits

Choose any four courses numbered 100 or above from the following:

ANT*, ART*, AST*, BIO*, CHE*, CHI*, COM* 101, 121, 152, 171, 173, 204, DAN*, DFS*, DGA*, ECN*, ENG*, ESL*, EVS*, FRE*, GEO*, GRA*, HIS*, HUM*, MAT*, MUS*, OCE*, PHL*, PHY*, POL*, PSY*, SGN*, SOC*, SPA*, THR*

Open Electives:
Number Title Credits
Choose one course numbered 100 or above
Minimum Total:

• Students may be waived from the HDEV 101 requirement if they have attained 12 or more credits, with a minimum 2.5 GPA from either 1) a college/university previously attended or 2) Asnuntuck Community College and now desire to enter a Liberal Arts program of study.  If waived, a three credit course must be chosen from the liberal arts electives to meet the total credit count for the degree program.

+ Prerequisite required

Program Outcomes:

The Liberal Arts program provides a broad background in humanitites, social sciences, natural sciences, and mathematics. Upon completion of a liberal arts associates’s degress, graduates are able to:

  • Reason quantitatively;
  • Communicate clearly both through speaking and writing;
  • Think critically and creatively;
  • Work in groups;
  • Apply information literacy to inquriy-based learning;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the complexity of human cultures;
  • Express knowledge of the natural world;
  • Possess an academic foundation for transfer to four year institutions of higher education; and
  • Understand civic responsibility.

Transfer Opportunities:

The curriculum is specifically designed to fulfill general education requirements typically required by four-year institutions. This degree provides a good framework for the maximum transferability of courses. Students transfer successfully to the Connecticut State Universities and are able to utilize transfer equivalencies and advising resources. The transfer counselor can always be consulted when transferring.

Employment Information:

The Associate Degree gained from either General Studies or Liberal Arts may lead to advancement of employment as well as an increase in earnings.

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This is primarily a transfer degree for students interested in completing General Education core courses and transferring to a Baccalaureate institution.

Program Coordinator

Teresa Foley