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Communications (A.S.)

The Communications program is designed to provide a foundation of knowledge and skills needed in this rapidly changing industry.  Students may choose the Communications A.S. degree, which provides a broad overview of communications, or they may specialize their studies with the Broadcasting or Journalism options.  The Communications program emphasizes hands-on experience in the classroom, through internships, and in the Radio Practicum course.  This program is intended for students wishing to transfer to four-year schools to further their studies and complete baccalaureate degrees.

Program Outcomes:

Students graduating with a Communications degree will be able to:

  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills by identifying audiences for various projects, crafting appropriate messages for the defined audience, and creating messages appropriate to the media used;
  • Evaluate print, radio, television, and multimedia messages;
  • Reflect on the use of media messages as tools for self-expression, persuasion, and collaboration;
  • Develop ability to work as part of a team by demonstrating dependability, adaptability, and skill in interpersonal communication;
  • Analyze historic, current, and emerging issues in the communications field;
  • Apply aesthetic values to the creation of audio and visual messages;
  • Demonstrate technical proficiency in the operation of audio/visual equipment as well as editing software;
  • Identify career opportunities in the communications field and become familiar with opportunities for transfer to four-year colleges and earning a baccalaureate degree;
  • Create a body of work to present to potential employers that demonstrates competency in various modes of communication.

Transfer Information:

Students transfer successfully to the Connecticut State Universities and are able to utilize transfer equivalencies and advising resources. The transfer counselor can always be consulted when transferring. Past students have transferred to University of Hartford and Eastern Connecticut State University.

Employment Information:

The Communications degrees at Asnuntuck Community College are designed with the intention that students will transfer to four-year schools to complete their education. However, students graduating with their Communication associate degree will be prepared for some entry level positions in the communication field.

As of the Fall 2023 semester, the Community Colleges will merge and become Connecticut State Community College (CT State), a statewide college comprised of all Connecticut’s current community college locations. Further details can be found and will be updated on the Frequently Asked Questions page: www.ct.edu/ctstate/academics.

Please work closely with your advisor/program coordinator to select your courses accordingly.

Communication Studies – TAP/CSCU Transfer Degree, AA (COMM-AA-TAP)

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