MFG* 273
MAT* 095, MFG* 124, MFG* 125, MFG* 157, MFG* 257, MFG* 265, MFG* 266, MFG* 268, MFG* 269
  • This advanced course prepares students to become certified in one or several welding requirements.
  • Certification tests are designed to ensure that the weldment meets specific standards as to the specific welding process, type and thickness of metal, joint design, position(s) and other requirements.
  • There are many code requirements initiated by government(s) and business(es). All are designed to ensure product, building or other structural safety.
  • This course will review American Welding Society (AWS) structural welding code(s) and will prepare the student for such requirements. AWS Aerospace specification AWS D17.1 will also be reviewed.