MFG* 100

Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing is designed to provide the community college student the opportunity to survey the major advanced manufacturing methodologies, technical skills requirements, and various career opportunities in the 21st century Manufacturing sector. This hands-on, team based, course is designed to provide students with instruction and skills through rotations in three key content areas: machining, welding, and electronics. Each of the three content areas is broken down into modules where a theory overview is presented in a classroom environment and demonstrations and hands-on applications are performed in a laboratory environment. In each area, advanced manufacturing equipment, processes, and techniques are introduced. Students will be able to identify the terminology of each area, and examine each career skill requirements, and gain a fundamental understanding of each area. A strong sense of personal effectiveness and responsibility, team work, communication, and respect is emphasized. The role and importance of shop floor etiquette, workplace cleanliness, and safe work practices will be emphasized. Practical cases and real-world examples are investigated and discussed.