BES* 218

This is a basic course designed to help people identify the challenges and opportunities that people face who wish to create their own organizations. While the course will be aimed at starting a business, most of the concepts are easily transferable to the not-for-profit sector. Students with interests in either area are invited. In the 21st century, information technology, the widespread dispersion of talent across the world, and the speed of transportation all have combined to create an entrepreneurial opportunity that is unparalleled. It is now possible to create a new business that serves a particular market need dispersed throughout the world. No longer do small businesses have to 'act small.' Web sites, email, and package delivery speed all mean that small businesses can compete with large ones as never before, even in the manufacturing arena. This course is about learning how to think like an entrepreneur, act like an entrepreneur, and how to be successful as an entrepreneur – creating an organization that works.