Medical Sociology

An introduction to the social causes and consequences of health and illness.  The course presents students with a sociological and cultural perspective on illness.  In addition, there is an [...]

Juvenile Delinquency

This course explores the multifaceted concept of juvenile delinquency. Explores the relationship between social attitudes and definitions of youthful law violations. Examines some of the popular [...]


This course introduces the fundamental principles of criminology: theories related to the cause of crime, trends in criminal behavior, and problems that are encountered in the administration of [...]

Sociology of Gender

This course will examine the processes by which gender is socially constructed, along with the distinction between biological sex and gender, the causes and consequences of gender inequality, and [...]

Sociology of the Family

This course uses the sociological perspective to focus on contemporary family structures. Family is one of the major institutions in society. The course emphasizes the sociological aspects of [...]

Contemporary Social Issues

This course is a comprehensive and critical analysis of problems facing American society. Topics include race, gender, role changes, bureaucracies, education, the family, the young and old, [...]

Group Dynamics

An overview of the dynamics of human interaction in small groups. Students study the dynamics of the small group through direct experience and analysis of group process, and through the […]

Minorities in the U.S.

A study of the social, economic, and political conditions affecting the status of major ethnic and racial groups in the United States. Attention is focused on selected minority groups, [...]

Sociology of Aging

An overview of all the pertinent aspects of aging. Students gain an understanding of the aging process including the biological, psychological, and sociological factors. Physiological changes are [...]

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