Psychology of Trauma

This course introduces students to the field of psychological trauma. It includes a brief history of the field, as well as current approaches to understanding trauma from cognitive, [...]

Psychology of Gender

This course examines the different roles of men and women from a psychological perspective, examining both traditional roles and the current changing roles of men and women. Students explore [...]

Abnormal Psychology

This course is an inquiry into social and cultural perspectives of abnormal behavior, focusing on clinical situations, causal factors, therapy, and the outcomes of various maladaptive behaviors. [...]

Theories of Personality

This course examines the nature of personality and prac¬tical implications for everyday living from the viewpoints of major personality theorists. The psychodynamic, be¬havioristic, ego [...]

Social Psychology

This course is a survey of theory and research in social psychology, including the topics of conformity, obedience, attitudes and persuasion, group dynamics, the self, forming impressions and [...]

Educational Psychology

This course covers the basic theories of learning and teaching. The focus of the course will be on the learning process and related ideas such as development, individual differences, cognition, [...]

Psychology of Dreaming

This course surveys the physiology of the dreaming process in the context of stages of sleep and the neurobiology of dream states. The psychology of Freud, Jung and Gestalt psychologists […]

Health Psychology

This course examines the effects of cognitive and emotional states and the environment on wellness. Students learn a variety of theories and research methods used to evaluate the impact of […]

Psychology of Women

This course examines leading psychological theories and issues about women in contemporary society. It examines social expectations and personality development, achieve¬ment motivation and [...]

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