Provides an in-depth examination of the nature and importance of leadership concepts and principles as applied to organizational effectiveness. Leadership research, practice, and skills are [...]

Advertising & Promotion

Concentrates on the communication aspects of marketing. Discussion focuses on the Promotion element of the marketing mix and its sub-elements of advertising, sales, public relations, and sales [...]

Sales Management

Studies the persuasive techniques used in personal selling. Discussion focuses on the steps in the sales process, the management of that process, and the role of sales within the Promotion […]

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, blogs, YouTube, Twitter, and other new technologies have changed and challenged the marketing landscape. By analyzing case studies and examining current uses of social media marketing, [...]

Consumer Behavior

This course builds a useful conceptual framework that both enhances understanding and permits practical application of consumer behavior principles to marketing strategy. Discussion focuses on [...]

Principles of Marketing

This course covers marketing methods and institutions, including analysis and interrelationship of the marketing mix. Application of basic management and marketing strategy planning methods, and [...]

Human Resouces Management

Mismanagement of human resources costs organizations millions of dollars yearly. This course emphasizes positive ways to select, train, motivate, and evaluate today's workers to provide [...]

Organizational Behavior

The study of people and groups in organizations. Includes the study of team effectiveness, learning styles, communications, motivation, conflict, the evaluation of behavior. Extensive student [...]

Principles of Management

A beginning course in management emphasizing the development of problem identification, analysis, and problem-solving skills. Concentrates on the human side of management through coverage of such [...]

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