Internship in Accounting

This course combines a classroom seminar with on-the-job work experience, to provide a vital link between classroom theories and ideas and the world of work. Assignments may be in private, […]

Federal Taxes I

This course is primarily concerned with the federal tax structure and the preparation of individual income tax returns and related schedules. Practice is supplied through problem solving. A class [...]

Principles of Cost Accounting

Presents the principles involved in determining the cost of manufacturing an article and covers job order cost, process cost, and standard cost accounting. Uses of cost accounting information in [...]

Managerial Accounting

An introduction to the basic concepts needed to select and use accounting information necessary for managerial decision making. Students learn how managers plan for the operations of their [...]

Financial Accounting

Designed as an introduction to the accounting theory necessary to understand basic accounting practices; to read, analyze, and interpret financial statements; and to make informed business and [...]

Payroll Accounting

This course will provide accounting students with an overview of the responsibilities of a payroll specialist and the importance of the payroll operations in a business. It will provide the […]

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