Learning Online Readiness Inventory

This online learning readiness assessment helps you to determine if you are ready to take an online course. Being honest and accurate with yourself about expectations, obligations, and technical expertise surrounding your online course will help determine your success or failure. Not everyone has the self-discipline, communication skills, or technical abilities required for this non-traditional learning environment.

Read the statements below and click “Yes” or “No” after each to find out if you are ready to learn online.

Once you complete the online learning readiness assessment, you will receive an explanation of your score. Please remember, your score is a recommendation only and will not prevent you from taking an online course.

  1. When it comes to schoolwork, I am self-motivated and have good time-management skills. I rarely miss an assigned deadline.

  2. I can commit 9 - 12 hours a week to complete coursework. I will sign into my course often and participate actively in course activities.

  3. I am comfortable expressing myself and communicating clearly in writing.

  4. I have the reading skills required for college-level courses and can read, comprehend, and follow through on written information and instructions. I understand online courses are reading intensive.

  5. I have the necessary computer skills to be a successful online student:
    • I have frequent and reliable access to a computer.
    • The computer I use has a high-speed internet connection (LAN, DSL, or cable is recommended)
    • I can save, move, copy, and delete files
    • I have email skills and can add or open attachments.
    • I can download and install basic add-ons and software on my own.
    • I can use the copy and paste functions.
    • I can adhere to generally accepted rules of "Netiquette" that guide online behavior.

  6. I have confidence using technology and am not afraid to solve my own problems, identify sources of help, or speak up to ask for help when necessary.

  7. If I rely on my home computer and it breaks, I have a "back-up plan" so learning is not interrupted. For example, I am able to travel to the college to use the lab computers.

  8. I have a strong desire to learn and acquire knowledge and skills and to take responsibility for my learning.

  9. I believe online courses are as challenging as or more challenging than those that take place on campus.

  10. Face-to-face communication essential to me and I can't learn unless I can interact in person with the instructor and other students.

  11. I am considering taking an online course because I need the class for a graduation requirement or job situation and I can't fit it in to my campus schedule.