Dr. Martha McLeod has announced that she will retire as president of Asnuntuck Community College on June 30th.  In her honor, this month's episode of Changing Lives features a look back on the past nine years of shows.  You can celebrate this bittersweet moment in Asnuntuck history (and congratulate Martha on her accomplishment) by watching Cox Public Access Channel 15 on Thursdays in July at 7pm or visit www.asnuntuck.edu/changinglives.

 The show begins with a peek at the very first episode of Changing Lives, which was taped in 2004.  The video clips that follow feature different programs that were featured on the show since, including drama, poetry, and marketing.  Also featured are graduating students, interns, and ACC's most legendary fundraiser, the Murder Mystery Dinner.  Don't miss it! 

Changing Lives is a monthly public access series, hosted by Asnuntuck Community College president Dr. Martha McLeod highlighting the programs and  achievements of Asnuntuck Community College and its students and faculty.  Changing Lives airs Thursday evenings at 7pm on Cox Communications Channel 15 in the towns of Enfield, Suffield, Somers, Stafford, Union, Hartland, East Hartland, Granby, East Granby, and Holland, Mass.  Clips from the show can also be seen online at www.asnunutck.edu/changinglives.