Jean Egan, Ph.D., CFLE, who serves as Asnuntuck Community College’s Social and Behavioral Sciences Coordinator and Professor of Psychology & Sociology has announced a project students in herPSY 240 Social Psychology course have undertaken. Students are collecting c umbrellas winter scarves, hats, gloves and mittens. “When we give from our hearts, we warm the hearts of others,” explains the Professor.  The items will be donated to Burr Elementary School in Hartford.  “Students with no warm clothes or coats do not go to school on cold days.  At Burr, 100% of the students walk to school, some up to 2 miles each way.  There is a 25% absenteeism rate when it rains because students do not have umbrellas,” explains Egan.   “I dropped off 18 umbrellas last week and all those students came to school as a result.” She added, “I dropped off four backpacks today for students to be able to carry books back and forth and have both hands free to use the umbrellas.” The Professor added, “It is going to rain the rest of the week and it is so heartwarming to know that we are making it possible for those students to learn.”

Raquel White is a student in Dr. Egan’s class. “It means a lot to me to know I can help these students and their families. Some people just need hope and this project, appropriately titled Project Warm Heart, gives just that.”

Dr. Egan was able to connect her students to the Hartford school through a teacher she knows that moved from a suburban school to this urban location. “The Social Psychology class has been learning about altruism–helping others with no expectation of anything in return.  Helping helps the helper.  It feels good to help others and to give of ourselves,” says Dr. Egan.

According to Egan, “It is easy to think that all families have enough if our families have enough.”  She added,   “Many families do not.  An open umbrella leads to an open mind at school ready to learn.” 

Drop boxes for donations are located in the President’s Corridor, near the main entrance of ACC. The collection will continue through December 10th.