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Pre-Req Error Form

If you have completed the prerequisite for a course at another college or university and are receiving an error when attempting to register for a class at ACC, you may submit this form for further assistance. Please note: This is NOT a Course Registration Form and is NOT a request for hold removal. To register for courses, please visit or fill out a Registration Form, found here: This form is for assistance with registration and prerequisite errors or course waiver/override requests only. When your inquiry has been processed, a staff member from the Center for Advising and Student Achievement will contact you via your ACC email.
  • Note: Do NOT list all of the courses you wish to register for; ONLY list the courses you are seeking an override/waiver for. Please confirm you have met course prerequisites. You can view course prerequisites and course descriptions here:
  • Note: If you intend to graduate from ACC, you may want to consider transferring in earned credits from other colleges/universities. For more information about the transfer-in process, please see Additional information (if necessary):