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Continuing Student Advising

  • During the FALL and SPRING semesters, CONTINUING students should schedule a meeting with their assigned Faculty Advisor. Your Faculty Advisor is assigned to you based on your program of study. Scroll down for instructions on how to find out who your assigned faculty advisor is. You should meet with your assigned faculty advisor while they are on contract during the semester to discuss academic and career goals, program requirements, course selection and sequencing, plan for program completion, etc.
  • During SUMMER and WINTER break, when faculty advisors are off contract, CONTINUING students can meet with an Academic Advisor in the Center for Advising & Student Achievement.
    • Click SCHEDULE AN ADVISING APPOINTMENT to set up an appointment with an Academic Advisor ONLY during SUMMER and WINTER break when faculty advisors are off contract. Otherwise, please contact your faculty advisor if you are looking for advising assistance during the semester (see directions above).
  • Please note that appointments are open ONLY during Registration Periods. If you need to add a late start class, please visit our Late Start Classes page.

If you are a Continuing Student and:

  • receive a “Prerequisite/Test Score Error” message when attempting to register, or
  • require a course override/waiver to register for a course

and need help, please fill out a Pre-Req Error Form. You will be contacted by a Center for Advising and Student Achievement staff member when your form has been processed. 

Continuing Student FAQs

Who is my Faculty Advisor?

  • Instructions on how to find your Faculty Advisor can be found here.

How do I contact my Faculty Advisor?

  • Your Assigned Faculty Advisor may allow online scheduling on Starfish. Under “My Success Network” in Starfish, click on your advisor’s profile. If your advisor has a “Schedule Appointment” link in their profile, you can set up an appointment online.
  • Students can also connect with their Faculty Advisor through email. You can find your Faculty Advisor’s contact information in the Directory, or simply log into your Office 365 email, create a new message, and type your advisor’s name in the “To” field. The email address will appear in the “To” field.

Some steps to take to prepare for your appointment are:

Faculty and Staff Directory

Contact information for campus employees is available via the Directory.

Office Hours

The most recent listing of Office Hours can be found here. Please check with the Faculty member to ensure dates and times are accurate.


Looking for a form? You may be able to find it here.