Online Tutoring

Tutoring for the Fall 2022 semester begins Monday, August 29, 2022 and ends Saturday, December 17, 2022. Operating hours are Monday to Thursday, 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, and Friday & Saturday, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. Students may choose campus, in-person or live, online sessions during our operating hours. Call us at 860-253-3164, email, follow us on Instagram @acctutoringcenter, or subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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Please review the online session tips below before scheduling your appointment. For more information about our in-person campus tutoring options, visit our main page.

Students may submit an essay, written assignment or project, PowerPoint presentation, or a Blackboard discussion post for feedback from a professional ACC tutor

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Tutors will begin reviewing papers during the Fall Semester (8/29/22 to 12/19/22) Monday to Thursday during our normal operating hours; any material submitted outside these hours will be reviewed on the next business day. If you experience a technical problem when submitting your essay, please email

Tips to get the most out of your live, online Tutoring Session

Prepare for your online tutoring session, as well as all other online school-related meetings, as you would in real life. Getting ready to work remotely with a tutor ahead of time will put you in the right headspace to be productive.

  1. Please be aware tutoring (both online and in-person) is limited only to Asnuntuck students enrolled in Asnuntuck courses.
  2. All tutoring sessions, both on-campus and online, last 45 minutes, and each student is limited to one tutoring appointment per assignment, per week. Standing appointments, and back-to-back/multiple appointments scheduled on the same day for the same assignment, cannot be accommodated.
  3. Test out how to use Microsoft Teams ahead of time (take a look at pages 6-7 of our Microsoft Teams instructions here). Make sure your camera and microphone are working. This will help you avoid wasting time during your session.
  4. If your computer does not have a camera, you can still work with a tutor in Microsoft Teams via chat or phone.
  5. Share class materials (assignment descriptions or work you have already started) with the tutor, especially writing assignments (see pages 2-3 of these instructions).
  6. Think about what you want from your tutoring session. Do not be afraid to let the tutor know what you want to accomplish during your session.
  7. Before your session, close any unnecessary tabs from your browser window and other material you have been working on—this ensures that only the intended content is seen.
  8. If you are using a cellphone to access Microsoft Teams, please be sure it is resting on a stable surface and positioned so that the tutor can see your face. Trying to hold your phone in front of you or move around during your session causes a lot of visual disruption for the tutor.
  9. Mute Your Microphone: When in a video session with the tutor, make it a habit to mute your microphone unless you are speaking—think of it as a “push-to-speak” button. Echoes and other audio disruptions are more likely to occur when all participants in a session have mics on at the same time.
  10. Leave the Keyboard and Cellphone Alone: Unless you are trading messages with the tutor in Microsoft Teams, trying to multi-task during your session will prevent you from devoting your full attention to the meeting. It may also keep you from hearing important instructions or information provided by the tutor.
  11. Consider turning on closed captioning during your video session so you don’t miss anything the tutor is saying (see page 4 of this document for instructions).
  12. No Food: Try to eat a snack before your session. Eating during the session is distracting to you and the tutor.
  13. Beware of your surroundings: While we know it can be difficult to find a quiet space to work, background noise (pets, the television, other people etc.) makes it difficult for you and the tutor to concentrate (see page 3 of this document).
  14. Tutors reserve the right to reschedule a session if it is clear the student is too distracted or is not in the right frame of mind to engage in an effective tutoring session. This includes students who are physically or emotionally unwell or engaged in other activities during the session.
  15. Keep track of the time. Tutoring sessions are scheduled back to back, so make sure to work on the most important parts of your assignments first.
  16. Please keep in mind that working with a tutor will not guarantee certain grades. Tutor input should be taken as suggestion or advice, and you are solely responsible for the work you submit.
  17. Tutors are not allowed to help a student with a test or quiz under any circumstance. This is considered cheating and is not condoned by our department or the campus. Attempting to get help from a tutor on tests or quizzes will result in disciplinary action to be taken by the Associate Dean of Student Development.