The Campus Activities Board (CAB) coordinates an ongoing schedule of activities for the Asnuntuck Community College.  CAB members choose, plan, and promote social activities, parties, concerts, and more!  The Campus Activities Board welcomes new members, ideas, and help from the student body.

Stop By a Meeting!

We meet every Thursday at 4pm in the Glass Conference Room located on the second floor.

Why Join?

Make the most of your ACC experience! Take a break from studies and get together with fellow ACC students to discuss, create, and plan fun campus events!

Need more reason to join?

  • Looks great on a resume or when applying to transfer.
  • Gain valuable experience and improve your skill set and leadership abilities.
  • Create networking opportunities within the campus.

CAB Brochure

If you’re interested in joining the CAB, please contact:

Sherry Paquette

Director of Student Activities

(860) 253-1206

Or the President:

Kasey Dennehy: 

or the Vice President:

Ethan Gregoire:

Look out for some of our upcoming events:

February 5-6th Club Fair 
February 14th Checkpoint Chocolate 
February 26th Eagle Challenge!
March 1st Thunderbirds Game!
March 18th Nacho Bar
March 20th Culture Day
March 26th Eagle Challenge
April 2nd Autism Awareness Event
April 22nd- 25th ACC Earth Week
May 4th NYC Bus Trip
May 7th Teacher Appreciation Day

Check the ACC Events calendar and your college email regularly for announcements.

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