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You’re a sports fan. You spend countless hours watching
sports, not just NFL or the NBA, but you watch Olympic trial
Curling on a random Tuesday Night because it beats sitcoms.

And that’s what we do too. Lifelong Sports Fan Mike
Moriarty and his friends take on the hottest topics in the sports
world every Saturday morning at 9am. Need a last second fantasy x-
factor for Sunday’s games? We got you. Wondering if LeBron is
gonna get his team’s defense right for the playoffs, spoiler alert…
he will, we got you. You want to hear some of the best sports
conversations around? We got you!

So Sit Back. Relax. And have a good time with us every
Saturday Morning at 9am, as we break down each and every sports
story you care about from our Views from the Couch, only on 107.7 WACC!

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