Asnuntuck CEO Michelle Coach announced Sally DeJesus’ selection as the 2022 McLaughlin Fellow in Leadership.  “We are so proud to give this award for outstanding leadership to Ms. DeJesus.  Her work at Asnuntuck has been exactly what we created this award to recognize.  President Dan McLaughlin, the first president of Asnuntuck, was an extremely innovative and supportive leader, and this award was created to recognize students with those traits.”


“Sally’s leadership and organizational skills are extraordinary.  It is clear to all that one of her passions is to help bring awareness to the barriers that ACC students who are from low-income families face as they strive to climb up and over socio-economic barriers.,” said Sherry Paquette, Director of Student Activities.


“Sally has often taken the leadership role, … and is astute to the needs of others, communicates well, and always follows through with her commitments,” added Jim Wilkinson, Professor of Economics.


“It is a great pleasure to give this leadership award to someone who so well exemplifies the attitude of a servant leader, who seeks to make the world a better place, and to make Asnuntuck as welcoming and supportive an environment as possible,” added Dr. Michelle Coach, Asnuntuck Chief Executive Officer.


The McLaughlin Fellowship was created by Asnuntuck retirees, the Asnuntuck Foundation, and current staff to recognize students who are outstanding leaders.  McLaughlin was the first President of Asnuntuck, recognized for introducing many programs, activities and student-centered policies that became widely accepted.  “Dan wanted students to succeed and wanted his staff to do everything possible to expand opportunities.  He inspired us to take chances when they would benefit students, to go that extra step to help students in need,” added Nick Lefakis, Professor of Accounting.


In accepting the award, DeJesus said she was happy to learn about McLaughlin’s Presidency and the many areas where Asnuntuck was a pioneering college.  She added that this year she will be concentrating on helping students take full advantage of the Asnuntuck Food Pantry, to lessen food insecurity and help students achieve their educational goals. The Asnuntuck graduate has been hired by the college to serve as an Information Desk Assistant and has joined the Rotary Club of Enfield, where she will continue to serve the community.