“I most valued the close knit criminal justice at ACC. I was able to transfer all my credits and am employed in the field.”

Criminal Justice (A.S.)

This program provides a broad overview of the field of criminal justice and will prepare students for careers in this field. Program graduates may be employed as law enforcement officers, correctional officers, case workers, and court advocates.

Program Outcomes:

By the time they complete the Asnuntuck Community College, a student who graduates from the Criminal Justice Program should be able to:
1) Articulate their knowledge of the theories, principles, judicial and correctional processes, legal institutions, and methods of law enforcement that are the foundation of American justice;
2) Apply the correct terminology used to explain the roles and functions of the various agencies that comprise the American criminal justice system;
3) Apply constitutional principles that protect the rights of citizens and regulate criminal justice agencies;
4) Demonstrate proficient writing, research and oral presentation skills needed for a career in a criminal justice profession;
5) Provide evidence that they understand the needs of the various constituencies in their community by developing personal linkages with service providers beyond the campus.

Transfer Opportunities:

Students transfer successfully to the Connecticut State Universities and are able to utilize transfer equivalencies and advising resources. The transfer counselor can always be consulted when transferring. Past students have transferred to Central Connecticut State University; The University of New Haven; Western Connecticut State University; Westfield State University; Western New England University; Springfield College.

Employment Information:

The Criminal Justice Program prepares students for careers in local and state law enforcement, corrections and court services.

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