“CAD/CAM skills sets represent an ongoing need in the manufacturing sector.  The program provides an ability to become more experienced with design and manufacturing using computer assisted systems.”

The 16 credit hour CAD/CAM Technology program is designed to provide students an opportunity to advance their design, measurement, and machining skills. Upon completion of the 34 semester hour Advanced Manufacturing Machine Technology program, students are eligible to enter the 3rd. semester CAD/CAM Technology program. At the discretion of the AMTC director, the program is also available to students who can demonstrate advanced machining skills by passing an exit competency exam. Students will demonstrate advanced skill sets in design, programming, blueprint reading, measurement, and machining skills by completing a Capstone Project  that meets all required tolerances.

GPA 2.0 required

Number Title Credits
MFG* 224 Advanced SolidWorks 3
MFG* 211 CAD/CAM 3
MFG* 212 Multi-Axis Machine Programming 3
MFG* 160 Introduction to GD&T 3
MFG* 213 Capstone Projects 4
Total Credits Required: 16

++ Transfer students should consult transfer institutions for course recommendations.

The student who completes the 34 semester hour Advanced Manufacturing Machine Technology program  has a choice to pursue employment; to matriculate in an associate degree program; or to develop higher level skills sets in machine technology by transitioning into a third semester program in Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Manufacturing Machine Technology II, CAD/CAM, or Quality Inspection.

There is a trend toward greater sophistication of skill sets required for entry-level positions.  It is our commitment to ensure that graduates obtain all of the requisite skill sets for successful employment.  Within a few months of on-the-job experience, it is our expectation the recent graduate should be fully engaged and capable of achieving the stated objectives of the employment position.

Technological changes in production have required a much higher skilled employee that possesses computer skills (including software & hardware skills, such as, CNC, CAD & CAM and other computer applications); higher levels of math; abstract reasoning skill; and measurement skills. This program provides the advanced technical skills in machining, design,measurement, and production techniques.

The career ladder in CAD/CAM is vast beginning with machining & programming positions, leading to departmental supervision, and then to management opportunities. Career opportunities into management are a natural segway due to the advanced machining and programming skills provided by the CAD/CAM program.

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