Asnuntuck Community College has announced the first recipient of a scholarship for an outstanding student majoring in a career field. “The Nick Lefakis Scholarship for Continuing Students recognizes Professor Nicles Lefakis’ tremendous accomplishments over the past 41 years,” said Dr. Michelle Coach, Asnuntuck’s CEO.  “Nick has been a strong mentor to so many young faculty members, always willing to listen and help us,” added Amely Cross, Associate Professor of Chemistry.


Lefakis, a Professor of Accounting, recently retired after 41 years at the college, and faculty in the career areas requested the college create this award for an outstanding student to honor his work.  Heidi Fitzgerald, Professor of Management, added, “Our students always know that Nick is there for them.  Ten o’clock at night, you see him sitting in his office, talking to a student about courses or career opportunities.”


The Award will be given to an outstanding student who displays strong leadership skills, the ability to work with a wide range of people, promotes equal treatment and opportunity for all people, while also maintaining a strong desire to always improve. This year’s recipient of the Nick Lefakis Scholarship for Continuing Students was Gary Gendron.


Dr. Teresa Foley, Academic Dean said “Nick was a founding member of our local Instructional Excellence Committee over 35 years ago, was selected more than any other person in the state to serve as a staff member on the prestigious Barnes Seminar on Teaching, and has frequently represented the Asnuntuck faculty on the Steering Committee of the Connecticut Center for Teaching. He always is looking at ways to improve his teaching and advising, and work with his colleagues to do the same.”


“Nick believes in the “community” part of a community college.  He is from Enfield, and so he has seen firsthand how many students’ lives Asnuntuck Community College has changed over the decades, whether through our career or transfer programs.  Nick’s quiet leadership, unrivaled sensitivity to and consideration of the challenges that students face, and belief in our students and this college will endure long after his retirement through the students that this scholarship award will help and recognize,” added Joseph Finckel, Professor of English.


Those wishing to donate to the scholarship can send a check to the Asnuntuck Community College Foundation–in the memo indicate Lefakis Fund, 170 Elm Street, Enfield, 06082.  For information on how to make an online donation email ACC Foundation Executive Director Keith Madore at