The Spring semester at Asnuntuck Community College has begun but there is still time to register for courses. The College is offering late start courses that begin in February or March. Online and LRON (Live/Remote & Online Components) accelerated courses include: Art Appreciation, Art History II (students may take this course without having taken Art History 1), Business Ethics, Elementary Algebra Foundations,  Intermediate Algebra, Principles of Environmental Science, Spreadsheet Applications and Database Management, First Year Experience, Principle of Statistics,  and Children’s Literature.

Accelerated courses offered during the second half of the semester, with a start date of March 22nd include, Gangs and “Families”, Infant/Toddler Growth and Development, Literature and Composition, General Psychology 1, Principles of Sociology, and Self & Others: Dynamics of Diversity

Please keep in mind that late start courses are accelerated courses that meet for less time but cover the same material as in a traditional 15-week semester.  Check with an advisor to make sure courses fulfill your program’s requirements.

Visit for information on course availability, and how to apply and register.