Historically, laboratories have kept track of notes, data, reagents, equipment, and other inventory using paper logs, notebooks, or simple software like spreadsheets. Most large pharmaceutical companies and many research and development environments have gone digital and now keep track of information in laboratory information management software. However many academic teaching labs have lagged behind in adopting these solutions.

In an effort to provide students with relevant skills for the workplace, Asnuntuck Community College has adopted eLABJournal: a software solution from Bio-ITech, a division of Eppendorf. eLABJournal is an intuitive and user-friendly application that is designed for laboratories in academic teaching and research labs as well as in commercial settings. Students using this platform in the classroom will gain valuable experience in electronic notebook and inventory/data management, which will better prepare them for their careers.

Asnuntuck Community College’s Foundation provided the funding, through a mini-grant, for this software. The science department is thankful for the donation and the new software. “We would like to thank the Asnuntuck Community College Foundation for the funding of this software,” said Thayre Trzepacz, Academic Laboratory Associate for Asnuntuck. “This is an amazing opportunity and tool for our students.”

Bio-ITech is a Life Science IT company that provides software solutions to manage information in the workflow of laboratories worldwide. The Electronic Lab Notebook, eLABJournal, and the Inventory and Sample Tracking System, eLABInventory, are 21 CFR part 11 compliant and safeguard intellectual property with track-and-trace, versioning, and digital signatures. Software solutions are offered as fully managed hosting solutions in the cloud, private cloud or on-premises.