Troy Donovan graduated from Somers High School in 2013. He decided to continue his education at Asnuntuck Community College (ACC) that fall. A General Studies student, Donovan said his aim was get a well-rounded education in a variety of different subjects. “Every professor I had during my four semesters at ACC played a crucial role in who I am today,” said Donovan. He added, “I am forever blessed to have been able to sit in their classrooms and learn so much.”

He transferred to Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio, one semester shy of earning his Associate’s degree at Asnuntuck. “I always did have a love for video production and had a deep longing for wanting to make a positive difference in some capacity in that field with my God-given talents.” During his time at Asnuntuck, he was able to explore his passion for video production. “I took COM 241: Television Production taught by Tricia Woods at ACC in the spring semester of 2015,” noted Donovan. “It was instrumental to my success as a videographer today and was a course filled with so many hands-on experiences.” He added, “It was during that class in which it was made clear that media production was what I wanted to do with my life.”  

While at Franciscan University, he majored in Communication Arts with a concentration in Digital Broadcasting & Production. He earned his Bachelor’s degree there in 2018.

 His first job was in the summer of 2018. He was a remote media creator contractor for the nonprofit Human Life International in Virginia. He then moved to Northern Virginia and accepted a full-time internship within the Young Leaders Program that works in conjunction with The Heritage Foundation, a nonprofit government think tank. Donovan currently works in Washington D.C. for Judicial Watch, a nonprofit government watchdog organization. He is a Broadcast Associate for the organization and he currently produces, films and edits, programming for them.

Donovan said that another ACC course that helped prepare him for his current position was Bob Bergquist’s THR 107: History of Film class.  “This class helped shape who I am today,” said the former student. “What that class taught me was how to look at film very aesthetically with an analytical eye. The same techniques and attention to detail I learned in that class, are tools I apply daily at my current position.”