Office of the Comptroller

Designation of Retirement

Designation of Retirement CO-931H

Retirement Credit Purchase CO-1088

Retirement Credit Purchase CO-991 (Tier III Only)


Employment Application

Adjunct New Hire Packet

Dual Employment

Employment Opportunities


                    Medical / FMLA Forms
Employee Med Cert Form (P-33A)
Caregiver Med Cert Form (P-33B)

State Holidays/Paydays

State Travel

Tuition Waivers/Reimbursements
Classified Waiver Application
Tuition Waiver Guidelines (4C’s/Management)
Unclassified Waiver Application 4C’s

Worker’s Compensation
DAS First Report of Injury WC 207 Form
 Supervisor’s Accident Investigation Report 207-1 Form
 DAS Concurrent Employment Third Party Liability Form
 Request for Use of Accrued Leave with Workers’ Compensation Form
Filing Status and Exemption 1A Form

Connecticut Community Colleges

Faculty and Staff Resources

Asnuntuck Community College

Accrual Charts

Credit Union

Direct Deposit

Employee Information Change Request

Inclement Weather and Emergency Closings Memo

Leave Requests

Personnel Request Form

Payroll/Personnel Information Form

Tax Forms


DAS State In-Service Courses
Twice a year (Fall and Spring semester) staff development courses sponsored by DAS and the Unions at minimal cost to permanent staff and faculty departments.  Employees notified via email of course offereings and application forms obtained on-line or through the Human Resources Department.

Travel Reimbursement
Usage of personal vehicle in the performance of duty and travel on employer business may be reimbursed according to rates in effect per GSA Mileage Rates.  Information regarding reimbursement procedures can be obtained through the Business Office Kristen Simons.