Dana Diamond was a stay-at-home mom who was doing some waitressing on the side. She had been looking for a sign of what she should do for a career. That sign came literally as she was driving down Elm Street in Enfield past Asnuntuck Community College. Esthetician was bold and bright on the college’s digital outdoor sign and that was what she needed to see. She enrolled in the program and met fellow student Maureen Blanchard.  Both women completed the program, became employed in the field, and continued as what they considered texting friends.


Fast forward to when they both realized that they wanted to start their own business and the two women opened Spa 1670 at 124 Mountain Road in Suffield in 2019. They credit their skills, confidence, and success to the foundation they received through the Asnuntuck Esthetician program and Kelly Krivacs, the Personal Services Careers Instructor/Assistant Coordinator.


Asnuntuck’s Esthetician program has built a well-respected reputation. This spring there were 14 graduates and all 14 were employed in the field very quickly. Several have
started their own businesses, and others are employed by well-respected spas in the Berkshires, medical spas, waxing facilities, and doctors’ offices.


Students need to complete all 650-course hours to qualify for licensure. In Connecticut, there is no licensure exam, just a fee that must be paid to the State, upon successful completion of the program. Students who complete the program can apply for Massachusetts licensure as well.


Asnuntuck’s next cohort of students will begin on July 11th, with classes running Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m.- 3:30 p.m. until December 16th.  An additional cohort will begin in October.


Krivacs says the program is appealing to students due to its small class sizes, curricula that reflect current industry trends, and being Physicians Care Alliance (PCA), LLC certified.


Diamond and Blanchard said they have hired two Asnuntuck graduates for their spa. They said they are committed to hiring additional graduates from the college’s program in the future. The women say that the support they have received from Krivacs, Asnuntuck’s Jessica Poirier, and others at the college has been greatly appreciated. “Kelly was instrumental in our Open House,” said Dana. Maureen said Krivacs helped them as they designed their space and worked through how the business needed to operate. “We peppered Kelly with questions,” added Blanchard. “She is our mentor and friend.” Dana concurred, “The mentorship does not stop with Kelly.”


The two business owners concur that Krivacs is supportive in the classroom, allowing students to feel like they are the only student. Dana explained how the clinics, which are open to the public, allow students to get a hands-on experience with different skin types. Blanchard said the program is very comprehensive. “I couldn’t believe how in-depth it went.” She said Krivacs’ classroom message remains with them today. “Kelly always tells students ‘You are never so good that you don’t stop learning.’”


The two businesswomen believe in paying it forward. They will often come in as speakers to the Esthetician classes and they are part of the field trips that Krivacs organizes for her students.


SNAP benefits are available for those in need of financial assistance. Students can set up payment plans and/or take out a CHESLA loan as well.


Want to learn more about the program? Contact Jessica Poirier at jpoirier@asnuntuck.edu or 860-253-3066.


Learn more about Spa 1670 by visiting www.spa1670.com


Dana Diamond and Maureen Blanchard met during their Esthetics Class at Asnuntuck and later become business partners as owners of Spa 1670 in Suffield.

Photo by Julie Cotnoir