Asnuntuck Community College has announced that the following full and part-time students have achieved Dean’s List status following their fall semester of studies. Full-time students, who are matriculated in a certificate or degree program and who have successfully completed 12 or more credits of work in a semester with a grade point average of 3.4 or above are named to the list. Part-time students who are matriculated in a certificate or degree program are also eligible for such recognition when they have completed 12 or more credits of work with a grade point average of 3.4.

Gina Mathes Agawam MA,
Jennifer Panciera Ashford CT,
Alyssa Bartlett Baltic CT,
Matthew Streich Bloomfield CT,
Daniel Jacques Broad Brook CT,
Connor Boman Canton CT,
Agnieszka Garncarz Chicopee MA,
Brian Faucher Collinsville CT,
Ryan Underwood Coventry CT,
Christine Byers East Granby CT,
Taylor Malinowski East Granby CT,
Morgan Stevens East Granby CT,
Christian Asiamah East Hartford CT,
Guy LaChance East Hartford CT,
Christopher Harrington East Longmeadow MA,
Diane DeGray East Windsor CT,
Xavier Pagan Easthampton MA,
Konrad Wainright Easton CT,
Harriet Farney Ellington CT,
Caroline Friedman Ellington CT,
Jessica Lara Ellington CT,
Nancy Malinoski Ellington CT,
Justin Malley Ellington CT,
Christian Petrone Ellington CT,
Quinten Welti Ellington CT,
Hailekiros Abera Enfield CT,
Noel Acosta Enfield CT,
Olufunmilayo Adeoyin Enfield CT,
Mahnoor Aftab Enfield CT,
Rahman Aftab Enfield CT,
Timothy Ali Enfield CT,
Autumn Allen Enfield CT,
Jamain Allen Enfield CT,
Kara Barsalou Enfield CT,
Aaron Blais Enfield CT,
Christopher Boothby Enfield CT,
Sarah Boykin Enfield CT,
Elizabeth Bridges Enfield CT,
Michael Brown Enfield CT,
Jacquelyn Carzello Enfield CT,
Richard Cassin Enfield CT,
William Cawthra Enfield CT,
Feixia Chen Enfield CT,
Andrew Conlon Enfield CT,
Christopher Coope Enfield CT,
Alicia Corneau Enfield CT,
Avery Corprew Enfield CT,
John Curley Enfield CT,
Melissa DiNallo Enfield CT,
Nargiza Dorosidze Enfield CT,
Darren Ebron Enfield CT,
Roy Elderkin Enfield CT,
Fleming Elsberry Enfield CT,
Jae Emrick Enfield CT,
Samantha Fraczek Enfield CT,
Andres Friebus Enfield CT,
Joseph Frost Enfield CT,
Mark Gaudet Enfield CT,
Shelley Gonzalez Enfield CT,
De’von Goodchild Enfield CT,
Victoria Grabon Enfield CT,
Tyler Griffith Enfield CT,
Richard Halapin Enfield CT,
Kathleen Hall Enfield CT,
Taylor Henrich Enfield CT,
Brendan Hobson Enfield CT,
Daniel Hublitz Enfield CT,
Amani Issa Enfield CT,
Jeffrey Jacobs Enfield CT,
Michael Johnson Enfield CT,
Barbara Kana Enfield CT,
Monica Kedzior Enfield CT,
Shane Kerpen Enfield CT,
Allison Kilty Enfield CT,
Nathaniel Kissel Enfield CT,
Jolene Kmiecik Enfield CT,
Michael Knapp Enfield CT,
Alec Korpusinski Enfield CT,
Michael Kramer Enfield CT,
Robert Kruzel Enfield CT,
Edyta Lachut Enfield CT,
Joseph LeBlanc Enfield CT,
Ger Lee Enfield CT,
Troy Lee Enfield CT,
Cynthia Leech Enfield CT,
Evan Leslie Enfield CT,
Jason Lindie Enfield CT,
Abigail Litrenta Enfield CT,
Wameng Lor Enfield CT,
Elias Lux Enfield CT,
Tuan Ly Enfield CT,
Richard Mailloux Enfield CT,
Eduardo Malave Enfield CT,
Karen Mango Enfield CT,
Pamela Marek Enfield CT,
Polly Martin Enfield CT,
Danielle Martinez Enfield CT,
Stephanie Martinez Enfield CT,
Evan Mattice Enfield CT,
Alexandra McCrewell Enfield CT,
Alexis McDaniel Enfield CT,
Sean McKeown Enfield CT,
Michael Middleton Enfield CT,
Sanford Moore Enfield CT,
Mustafa Muhammad Enfield CT,
Chukwudi Ojei Enfield CT,
Victoria Orifice Enfield CT,
Abigail Pignataro Enfield CT,
Robert Pratt Enfield CT,
Pasquale Raffone Enfield CT,
Christopher Raye Enfield CT,
Donjeta Rexhepi Enfield CT,
Rachel Reynolds Enfield CT,
Winter Riach Enfield CT,
Zachary Ritchie Enfield CT,
Roberto Rivera Enfield CT,
Samantha Rizzuto Enfield CT,
Cheristy Robinson Enfield CT,
Sean Rosen Enfield CT,
Nicole Rumore Enfield CT,
Billy Santos Enfield CT,
Melissa Scalora Enfield CT,
Alicia Schmidt Enfield CT,
Steven St. Laurent Enfield CT,
Joseph Sternal Enfield CT,
David Sullivan Enfield CT,
Derra Tennis Enfield CT,
Richard Toney Enfield CT,
Brendan Toohey Enfield CT,
Samantha Tracy Enfield CT,
Justin Washburn Enfield CT,
Sarah Wenz Enfield CT,
Sage Wilcox Enfield CT,
Tammy Wilson Enfield CT,
Jie Zou Enfield CT,
Michael Potter Jr Feeding Hills MA,
Nataliya Shevchuk Feeding Hills MA,
Dolores Chamberlain Granby CT,
Steven McCormack Granby CT,
Scott Paton Granby CT,
Ada Shetler Granby CT,
Mary Lambert Hampden MA,
Brittany Hudson Hartford CT,
Stephany Spence Hartford CT,
Krystal Vargas Holyoke MA,
Jason Zurheide Holyoke MA,
Krystal Martucci Longmeadow MA,
James Podann Manchester CT,
Joseph Scott Manchester CT,
Eric Chung Newington CT,
Arthur Roetting North Haven CT,
Manuel Esteves Seymour CT,
Tyler Anderson Somers CT,
Jamaal Bazemore Somers CT,
Christopher Belmonte Somers CT,
El Cid Bonilla Somers CT,
Hannah Christian Somers CT,
Gregory Christofakis Somers CT,
Patrick Clark Somers CT,
Briana Daigle Somers CT,
Ajay Deonarine Somers CT,
Christopher Holmes Somers CT,
Nicole Jonelis Somers CT,
Henry Litwinko Somers CT,
Carly Maheux Somers CT,
Shaun Maynard Somers CT,
Jon Merrill Somers CT,
Naomi Paxton Somers CT,
Francisco Prieto Somers CT,
Marcos Rivera Somers CT,
Emily Rossini Somers CT,
Sarah Schon Somers CT,
Jessica Stewart Somers CT,
Danielle Urbon Somers CT,
Richard Vanasse Somers CT,
Michael Pise South Hadley MA,
Tammy Crombie South Windsor CT,
Oliver Huse South Windsor CT,
Ryan Lash South Windsor CT,
Dustin Souppa South Windsor CT,
Marc Paiva Southington CT,
Ian Curtiss Southwick MA,
Kristin Doyle Springfield MA,
Kim Ellis Springfield MA,
Brittany Hogan Springfield MA,
Brandi Moore Springfield MA,
Evan Pinsonnault Springfield MA,
Kayla Bisson Stafford Springs CT,
Ryann Garreffa Stafford Springs CT,
Mary Lepak Stafford Springs CT,
NhiaYer Lo Stafford Springs CT,
Chelsea Millard Stafford Springs CT,
Amanda Minor Stafford Springs CT,
Desiree Morrison Stafford Springs CT,
Alyssa Murray Stafford Springs CT,
Heidi Pokorny Stafford Springs CT,
Michael Satkowski Stafford Springs CT,
Jeffrey Spak Stafford Springs CT,
Sarah Symenow Stafford Springs CT,
Dagny Villar Stafford Springs CT,
Peter Wilson Stafford Springs CT,
John Beiter Suffield CT,
Valentina Blake Suffield CT,
Dylan Burns Suffield CT,
Michael Carbonell Suffield CT,
Kenneth Cross Suffield CT,
Sagemarie Desovich Suffield CT,
Marquice Hawkins Suffield CT,
Thomas Levinskas Suffield CT,
Zachary Liquori Suffield CT,
Alison MacNeil Suffield CT,
Kurt Murphy Suffield CT,
Thomas Padrevita Suffield CT,,
Alexander Rivera Suffield CT
Carissa Satryb Suffield CT,
Donald Saturno Suffield CT,
Jose Vargas Suffield CT,
Andrew Sakowski Thorndike MA,
Elisabeth Damle Tolland CT,
Andrew Pilkons Vernon CT,
Nicole York Vernon CT,
Michele Kennedy Vernon Rockville CT,
Brad Strogoff Vernon/Rockville CT,
Amaury Vargas West Hartford CT,
Madison Duffy West Suffield CT,
Jonathan Joaquin West Suffield CT,
Dominic Piazza West Suffield CT,
Kelsey Sullivan West Suffield CT,
Angelina Vono West Suffield CT,
Ezra Bloom Westfield MA,
Anthony Serra Willington CT,
Taha Al-Tareb Windsor CT,
Brittany Buckland Windsor CT,
Jorge Cintron Windsor CT,
Robin Cramer Windsor CT,
Claudia Cupe Windsor CT,
Rock Desilets Windsor CT,
Jasmine Eltareb Windsor CT,
Katie Farber Windsor CT,
Ayesha Khan Windsor CT,
Brianna Landry Windsor CT,
Emily Lopez Windsor CT,
Andrew Sylvester Windsor CT,
Deija Wilkerson Windsor CT,
Zachary Allen Windsor Locks CT,
Richard Congelosi Windsor Locks CT,
Michelle Dion Windsor Locks CT,
Alexandra Greene Windsor Locks CT,
Mahnaz Hamdani Windsor Locks CT,
Janet Konadu Windsor Locks CT,
Colton Morris Windsor Locks CT,
Anthony Nelson Windsor Locks CT,
John Obermeier Windsor Locks CT,
Yvonne Sanchez Windsor Locks CT,
Gregg Scalia Windsor Locks CT,
Michelle Stroud Windsor Locks CT,
Rachel Turner Windsor Locks CT,
David Wezniak Windsor Locks CT,
Samuel Williams Windsor Locks CT,
and Tabitha Craighill Winsted CT

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