“To-Do” List

Now that you’ve decided to take an online course with us, you probably have a lot of questions about what you need to know in terms of logging in, getting books, getting help, and more. The information on this page will run through many of the “to-do’s” you can perform ahead of time to help you be successful online using Blackboard for your online or hybrid course.

Visit the “Login Info & Help” page for information on logging in, finding your course, and getting help. The most important thing to remember, though, is “Don’t wait to ask a question!” We can’t see if your hand is raised or if you have a perplexed look on your face. We’re here to help you succeed!!

Is Your Computer Ready to use Blackboard?

You will need:

  •     A supported Internet browser
  •     High-speed access to the Internet
  •     A computer or laptop: Smartphones and some tablets are not supported for test taking and other activities

What to Do and Expect After You Register for an Online Course

EXPECT an automated email from “Asnuntuck Community College Distance Learning” with course information and other information. Automated emails will start to go out two to three weeks before the semester begins to your college-issued email address. Learn how to access your college email.

  • Your semester start dates may be different if taking a late start or accelerated course. Check the Academic Calendar for the start date of your courses.
  • DO watch the video Navigate Your Course in Blackboard.
  • DO test your login ONE WEEK before the semester begins. Your course will show in Blackboard one week before the start date. It is your responsibility to be ready for class. Your instructor will not contact you.
  • New Students: Learn how to use your NetID and Password to login.
  • DO try the interactive Blackboard tutorials if you are new to Blackboard.
  • DO read the course Syllabus or instructor’s Welcome message posted in Blackboard to help prepare you for the semester ahead.
  • DO get textbooks, if needed. Shop 24/7 @ http://www.efollett.com or call the bookstore at 860.253.3186 for on campus hours.

Experiencing Problems?

Be Successful in Your Online Course

The Tutoring Center offers tutoring, both on-campus and online, in many subjects and can help with papers or other writing assignments.

Asynchronous writing tutoring is available from The Academic Tutoring Center via our Paper Submission Service. This option allows students who may not have time to schedule a 1:1 session to get written feedback on assignments from a professional writing tutor at ACC. The submission form can be found at the following link https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=ePidZ3onakmsjdmeWGBt2earJ4Lw-ZBOi6EU-ZoTpi9UNkw2WVZUMjREREZaNTlGRU1WVTk0T1RRTi4u

For more information about our online courses please contact:

Katie O’Connell
Director of Educational Technology