Login Information & Help

Our online and hybrid courses are delivered through the Blackboard Learning Management System and are accessed through myCommNet. myCommNet is the name of our system portal that makes it easier to conduct college business, complete your coursework, check your academic progress, register for classes, and manage your college finances, all with a single sign-on.

“How do I get to myCommNet and my online course?”

From a web browser go to https://my.commnet.edu or click the image below.


“How do I log in?”

To log in, simply use your current NetID and password.

A NetID is: BannerID@student.commnet.edu (ex. 87654321@student.commnet.edu)

Password for returning students: The 8-character password you currently use

Password for new students: The initial password for all new NetIDs will be based on a combination of personal information (birth date and social security number). Specifically, the following three items will make up the initial password:

  • 1st three characters of birth month (with first letter capitalized)
  • Ampersand character – &
  • Last 4 digits of Social Security Number

So, for a user with a birth date on 10/24/79 and social security number of 123-45-6789, the initial password would be: Oct&6789.   NOTE: You will be forced to change your password the first time you logon and select a security question.

“How do I find my courses?”

Once you are logged in, click the Blackboard link.

link to Blackboard

“How can I reset my password without contacting the Help Desk?”

To reset a lost or forgotten password you must first provide some information to allow a reset to be done by receiving an email, text, or phone call. Follow the instructions in this presentation. You can navigate to any portion by using the menu on the left if you are already familiar with the NetID login process and password requirements.

“The system isn’t letting me login with my password.”

“I forgot my password.”
“I don’t know what my password is.”

“What if I have a question about using Blackboard or need technical assistance?”