Dear All,

Today, I along with Secretary of State Denise Merrill, met with Student Government Association leaders at Central Connecticut State University to discuss the impact of voting.

Voting is the one equalizer we have. It crosses all boundaries including race and economics.  It is the one action we all take that is weighed equally. As a United States citizen — whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, member of the Green party or another other party — it is a privilege to participate in the Democracy we have in our country.

This is an important election with the future of American diplomacy, job creation, health care, and many other issues at stake this November. But it’s not only about the Presidential election and all the others in between, but about down ballot candidates including U.S. Senators, Congress, State Representatives and State Senators — officials who have the most impact on our communities. Votes are something each candidate must earn because they truly impact policies and decisions made locally, across the country, and around the world.

So in light of this upcoming election, I ask all of you over the age of 18 to make your voice heard, register and vote in the 2016 election. The deadline to register online, by mail or in-person is November 1, and same-day registration is available in-person only on Election Day, November 8.

More information is available at, and I encourage all of you to use social media with the #myvotect to let all your peers know that their vote matters. Everyone’s voice is important, and your vote can make a difference.



Mark Ojakian



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