ENG* 207
Grade of "B" in ENG* 101 or ENG* 101S and permission of instructor.
This course focuses on developing and using literary and professional skills to plan and produce the college's annual professional literary magazine, ongoing college events related to creative writing, and the annual spring literary festival. Students serve on the editorial board of the literary magazine and on the planning board for college creative writing activities and the literary festival. ENG 207 is offered in the spring semester and focuses on completing production of the magazine and the literary festival: making final selections of submitted work for the magazine; carrying out magazine publishing and marketing plans; completing the student writing contest; coordinating professional writers for the festival; finalizing the festival program; and overseeing festival operations. In addition, students will work on their own creative writing projects in a small-group workshop setting, producing a final portfolio of original poetry, fiction, and/or creative nonfiction. Offered: Spring.
Note: ENG 206: Literary Magazine Production I and ENG 207: Literary Magazine Production II are distinct courses. Each course involves different aspects of producing the magazine and the festival, as well as writing new creative works for each course. Students do not have to take ENG 206 before ENG 207, so students may take both courses or take either one individually in any order. This course satisfies the Fine Arts requirement.