Spring “springs” up in March, but Asnuntuck Community College’s ‘Stressbuster Suite’ of classes offers many tools to help keep you happy, healthy and grounded.

Rollerball with Pure Essential Oils (March 9th) and Solid Lotion Bars (March 15th) provide hands-on instruction in creating homeopathic products to take care for our largest organ – the skin. Aromatherapy Basics (March 8th) offers a more ‘scents’-ible approach to relaxation.

For those who prefer to get physical, Asnuntuck’s on-going Reiki, Yoga and Zumba classes are also in full swing this month. (Call for specific dates and times.)

Looking ahead to April, a brand new offering from the Office of Workforce Development and Continuing Education rolls out April 7th. Titled Nutrition Lifestyle Education, this course is designed to give students an understanding of nutrition guidelines and recommendations so they can more accurately implement healthy food practices into their lifestyles. Students will learn the effect that each nutrient has on the body and the recommended amounts of consumption that are healthiest for the body. From common health conditions to fitness goals, this course is designed to teach students how nutrients should be consumed for optimal health. Upon completion of this program, students will have the confidence in knowing how to eat for optimal health results.

Stressed out about the weather and the logistics of commuting? Asnuntuck also has a program that makes it easy for you to take high-quality, non-credit courses online, too. Asnuntuck has partnered with ed2go to offer hundreds of online, instructor-facilitated courses. All of the courses provide well-crafted lessons, expert online instruction, and interaction with fellow students. You have the flexibility to study at your own pace, while still having enough structure and support to complete the course. Classroom access is available 24/7 from anywhere with an Internet connection.

New sessions of each course run every month. They last six weeks, with two new lessons being released weekly (for a total of 12). The courses are entirely web-based with comprehensive lessons, quizzes, and assignments. A dedicated expert instructor facilitates every course; pacing learners, answering questions, giving feedback, and facilitating discussions.

Asnuntuck is pleased to offer this catalog, which provides the most convenient, affordable, and accessible non-credit courses available anywhere.

To learn more, call Asnuntuck at 860-253-3034 or visit www.ed2go.com/asnuntuck or careertraining.ed2goo.com/acc