Career Development

Career-entry strategies and resources are explored to prepare students for a successful job search and to develop effective methods for career advancement. Activities include self-evaluation, [...]

Personal Finance

An introduction to personal financial planning. Includes development of financial goals and implementing plans to achieve these goals. Course topics will include the financial planning process, [...]

First Year Experience

This course is designed to promote academic success by introducing first year students to the college environment and the expectations needed for college coursework. The following learning [...]

The American Indian

An introduction to American Indian culture generally, and to four tribes in particular. Examines the condition of tribes before the coming of the Europeans, continuing to the present day, looking [...]

History of Women in the US

This course is a survey of the history of women and their experiences in the U.S. from the Colonial Era to the present with a special emphasis on the diversity of women's lives and contributions.

The US Since World War II

This course deals with both domestic and foreign affairs beginning with the Cold War through the present. The course will include the Civil Rights Movement, as well as the Vietnam War, the rise [...]