Maximize your downtime, furloughs, tele-work and more with safe, online Workforce Development solutions from Asnuntuck Community College. Classes are held in real time, online from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. each day list. Cost is $285 per seat. For more information or to reserve your spot, contact Gary Carra at or call 860-253-3128 today! 


  • UPDATED! The Leadership Quest: Leading in In-Office and Virtual Workplaces  In this exciting and uber-interactive workshop, you will learn to be a more effective leader with whatever life throws at you! John F. Kennedy once said, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”  And learn you will– in a highly engaging format, where you will have ample opportunity nurture and enhance your leadership skills to increase job fulfillment and productivity in both virtual and conventional workplaces.  You will gain a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your leadership style, as well as acquire an abundance of “take- aways” that you can immediately put into practice. There will be five points of emphasis: self-growth, workplace ethics, virtual and conventional communication, team building for at work and remote teams, and change management and mentorship. You will learn how to develop five key habits of successful leaders: challenge the existing process, create a collective vision, motivate others toward action, become a role model, and encourage the energy flow. This program will empower you to become a leader who can inspire yourself, acquire solid leadership skills, and fire up your staff through challenging times!

        Dates: Fridays, October 9, 16, and 23 


  • UPDATED! The Upward Mobility & Supervisory Skills Toolkit   Whether you’re a supervisor, want to become one, or just want to move ahead in your career, this workshop will position you as a valued team player in your department. You will develop expertise that will be critical to your career success—tips, techniques, and practices that you can immediately bring back to the workplace! You ‘ll leave with a toolkit of insights, tips and practices, including key communication practices for getting along with co-workers, bosses, and those you supervise. Attendees will learn how to avoid the 30 top supervisory missteps, adopt 7 key steps to get respect, discover the top 15 best practices of supervisors, adopt stellar supervisory strategies from corporations such as Disney, use 4 key practices when providing feedback to employees, deal with stress, frustration, and burnout in the workplace, and deal with real-life tricky supervisory situations. BONUS INFO: How to supervise in a virtual workplace. 

         Dates: Wednesdays, October 14, 21, and 28 

  • All About Business Writing  Want a professional opinion and guidance about what you need to do to improve your writing? In this highly interactive workshop, each student will have multiple one-on-one sessions with a professional writer/instructor, who will provide areas of focus for improvement. You will also have the opportunity to work on current projects in real time. You will learn the tricks of the trade, including tips and techniques that will help “unblock” the writer within. You will discover how to “rethink” the way you write, by using new tools that will allow you to write more naturally and effectively. You will learn how to use “whole brain” techniques, targeted free writing, clustering, post-it-note outlining, and many other approaches that will allow you to increase your writing prowess and produce emails, reports, proposals, and other documents with ease. BONUS: Writing in a virtual world. 

        Dates: Mondays, October 19 and 26, November 2 

  • New! A (WhatsApp) to Z (Zoom) Virtual Presentation Skills 
    When you tell someone you’re going to “see” or “meet” them, you most likely mean online. This workshop addresses virtual presentation skills in the “new normal” workplace where platforms like Microsoft Teams replace traditional conference room whiteboards and plush seating. In this new “neck up” world of presentation– where eye contact means staring into a webcam and working a room means staying in your seat–, you will need new ways to present virtually in an effective and engaging way. Students will be provided with opportunity to prepare and provide virtual presentations in a nurturing environment. This workshop will help you power up your presentations, providing you tips on handling technology and talking at the same time. You will learn: 

     Ten key ways to bring your virtual presentations to life 

  • The SPACES virtual communication method (Smile, Plan, Audience Needs, Content, Engagement, Social Interaction) 
  • Techniques and “icebreakers” to use to “amp” up the presentations 
  • “Early Adopter” tips and techniques for managing virtual platforms while presenting 
  • Ways to “channel” students to gain take-aways and STAR Moments (Something They Will Always Remember)

     Dates: Thursdays, October 22 and 29, November 5 



  • Dump the Drama! Managing Workplace Emotions Drama is great for reality shows, but workers with a flair for the dramatic can take up mental bandwidth that impacts productivity and employee morale. Whether you’re a supervisor or just someone who wants to better understand and influence the reduction of workplace drama—no matter if it’s being created by the person at the next cubicle or an employee working remotely–, this course will give you insight and practical pointers. You’ll learn better understand the five major types of “dramatic roles”: whiners, “primos,” complexers, chargers, and energy vampires. You’ll discover how to create healthy boundaries for you and your staff, as well as to coach employees through personal drama to reduce on-the-job impact.  This program will also guide you to greater understanding about dealing with negative emotions, about what you can do to protect yourself in a potentially hostile workplace, as well as about how you can support your staff or co-workers in a challenging environment. You’ll gain tools to increase your “emotional intelligence,” learn your “anger system” and discover concrete tools and strategies for transforming anger and other strong emotions into productive “fuel.” You’ll also learn mediation tools for everyday work life, including the three key strategies for strategic management of conflict, the two cardinal rules of conflict resolution (no “walk aways” or “power plays”), and five essential “re-framing practices.”  This program is designed to help you maintain or recover a positive, energetic attitude that can foster change for the better! 

         Dates: Tuesdays, November 3, 10, and 17 

  • UPDATED! Taking Minutes & More: Everything an Admin Needs to Know Great admins are the ‘glue’ of the office. This course looks at key responsibilities of admins in in-office and virtual workplaces to help you ‘climb the ladder’ to success. Taking minutes CHECK. Writing clear and concise emails. CHECK. Editing for clarity, grammar, and punctuation. CHECK. Streamlining office procedures. CHECK. This course will give you practical tips and pointers for everything from organizing meetings to providing excellent customer service to developing great team skills. You’ll learn ways to enhance virtual workplace communication, best practices for conflict resolution, and dozens of “shortcuts for secretaries” that will help you manage the flow of a virtual or conventional office.  

      Dates: Fridays, November 6, 13, and 20. 

  • Be Your Own Coach, Cheerleader, and Change Agent 
    Coach yourself to your next breakthrough. By the end of this course, you will: 1) Learn how to actively coach yourself through change and challenge, including working remotely 2) Understand how to develop a more powerful, realistic approach to work-life balance 3) Learn how to make better choices about work, self-improvement, and overall well-being 4) Understand how to align your goals and objectives with who you really are 5) Learn how to use self-coaching techniques to manage through chaos and persevere through uncertainty. Self-help guru Tony Robbins said, “Change is inevitable. Progress is optional.” This workshop will show you how to coach yourself toward progress and success by delivering powerful insights and techniques to make self-coaching a way of life. You will learn how to employ “power questions” and the process of inquiry to clarify thinking and help in your decision making process. You will also learn to better understand emotional intelligence in your journey toward improving both professional and personal relationships. This class will provide you with techniques for initiating and managing change, and help you develop a mindset that guarantees the progress you’re looking for.  

         Dates: Mondays, November 9, 16, and 23 

  • ALL ABOUT GRAMMAR AND PUNCTUATION   Are you semicolon savvy? Comma confident? A grammatical guru? If not, this workshop can help you gain a working knowledge of grammar and punctuation that will increase your writing and editing skills. More than a mere recitation of rules, this workshop is painless and practical—and maybe even a little fun! It’s focused on providing you with the grammar and punctuation tools you need. You will learn the 20 percent of the rules writers use 80 percent of the time—and where to easily find the rest of them. Led by a professional writer, this workshop will also reveal your recurring errors and show you how to eliminate them forever! You will leave with a mastery of everyday grammar and punctuation rules, a list of resources and websites to help you at work, and a new confidence when it comes to writing and editing. Note: This course will be held in a computer classroom. 

        Dates: Thursdays, November 12 and 19 




  • UPDATED! A Positive Work Environment: Leading in Virtual and In-Office Work Worlds This workshop is for supervisors, managers, and anyone who hears the call to leadership (whether they have the title or not) who want to influence their work environment for the positive. We will take a holistic look at your work environment (whether it’s an in-office or virtual) and come up with a game plan filled with practice pointers, action items, and strategies to help you transform your work environment. You’ll learn ways to deal with Negative Nellies and Neds, shut down the office rumor mill, create exciting virtual (or in-office) meetings to encourage dialogue, and foster team building. This workshop addresses issue specific to working for state government, such as how to lead through challenging times and periods of change. You’ll leave with a toolkit of strategies and best practices that really work.  

      Dates: Tuesdays December 1, 8, and 15 

  • ALL ABOUT EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE! There is a wide range of emotions at play in the workplace—from “boohoo” to “bah humbug” to “happy-as-a-camper.” Managing emotions effectively is a critical skill that will produce positive outcomes. “Runaway” emotions, on the other hand, can influence our behavior, reputation, and even our career path. By developing a higher level of Emotional Intelligence Quotient, commonly referred to as EQ, you will gain the ability to recognize your own patterns, including behaviors, moods, and impulses, and manage them in a productive way. Understanding EQ will help you stop the pattern of over-reacting and over-compensating when things don’t go as planned. Instead, you will learn how to plan your reaction and approach for optimum results. This dynamic workshop will allow you to foster your self-awareness and improve your ability to interact with co-workers, direct reports, and management in a thoughtful, effective way that is truly satisfying. 

      Dates: Thursdays, December 3, 10, and 17 

  • Everyday Leadership You don’t have to be an agency director or a CEO of a billion-dollar company to be a leader. Leadership can start right here, right now, in the day-to-day practices and strategies you bring to the workplace. In this lively and inspiring workshop, we will take an in-depth look of how leadership ‘translates’ into working life. You will learn to develop a toolkit of strategies and practices that you can apply in the office or remotely–everything from developing advanced listening skills to using diplomatic and encouraging language to adopting inspiring motivational practices. We will explore what makes great leaders, taking a key look at legendary business leaders, like Steve Jobs. In addition to learning cornerstone practices of motivating, mentoring, and maximizing performance, this class will teach you: 11 leadership lessons you didn’t learn in school; 7 personality traits of a great leader; 6 key ‘stop, start, continue’ practices of leadership; 6 rules for leading with intention, and much more. We will explore the strengths and challenges of your individual personality as it influences leadership style. Each participant will leave inspired and knowledgeable in how to bring leadership to their everyday life, whether leading projects, encouraging co-workers, or inspiring those you supervise. 

     Dates: Fridays, December 4, 11, and 18