Maximize your downtime, furloughs, tele-work and more with safe, online Workforce Development solutions from Asnuntuck Community College. Classes are held in real time, online from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. each day list. Cost is $285 per seat. For more information or to reserve your spot today, contact Gary Carra at or call 860-253-3128 today!



  • Train the Brain! Increase Productivity through Neuroplasticity 

Neuroplasticity is the concept that the brain is plastic and changeable. Your brain is designed to learn, grow, and rewire itself throughout life. The key: using your brain’s neuroplasticity to create new habits that will enhance the quality of your professional and personal life. You can activate your brain’s “delete button” to change your unwanted behavior, thinking, and emotions. In this highly interactive workshop, you will learn the ten fundamentals of neuroplasticity as you “lay down new wiring” for the brain that will help you throughout your career and into retirement. You will learn about “The Seven Minute Solution” and how to develop micro-habits, discover how to stop “picking fights “with your mind, and practice ways to use tools such as mindfulness and focus to decrease worry and anxiety. Participants will develop a Neuroplasticity Plan with action and “non-action” steps to create a more meaningful and productive life. 

Dates: Thursdays, September 17, 24, and October 1 


  • Communication Skills a Must! 

Ever think of the perfect thing to say—when it’s too late? Or perhaps you’re becoming frustrated with the amount of explaining it takes for others just to get the job done. This certificate program will help you build essential and effective communication skills—whether you’re interacting with clients or co-workers virtually, reporting upward, or working as part of an actual or virtual team. You’ll learn to manage emotional responses, develop intuition (internal wisdom), create “default language,” and enhance your critical thinking skills under stress to position yourself as a true professional. You will learn: • The five keys to creating effective communications • Strategies for identifying and overcoming listening blocks. • Ways to “read” a person through observing body language “clusters,” including gestures • The Four Basic Communication Personality/Behavioral Styles and how to adapt to each • Eight critical assertive communication practices • Ways to identify and shift ten major “hidden agendas” of others’ • Methods to adjust to how group dynamics and group roles influence behavior • Proven techniques for handling conflict • Techniques for dealing with workplace stress  

Dates: Fridays, September 18, 25, and October 2 


  • New! The Virtual Employee: Thriving While Teleworking 

Working in a virtual world has its challenges (no quick answers from the next cubicle, no impromptu work conversations), distractions (laundry piling up, kids climbing on laps), and joys (no commute, more flexibility). As working from our dining room tables becomes our new normal, many questions are being posed. How do I interact effectively with co-workers? How do I create a better work-life balance?  How do I make sure that my presence and performance is not “out-of-sight-out-of-mind” when it comes to job growth? This workshop is an IRL field guide into the virtual world of teleworking. It addresses the emotional ways we need to adapt to new workplaces, best practices for increasing productivity and job satisfaction when working from home, strategies for establishing boundaries and avoiding burnout, and much more. We will look at ways to maintain a sense of routine and normalcy in work life, reduce urges to seek solutions in unhealthy ways, actively de-stress, and “rewire” your brain to develop productive at-home habits. You will learn from the latest research and tips for developing effective teleworking strategies, as well as share concerns and challenges in a nurturing environment. You will leave with a solid toolkit of best practices, insights, and resources on how to thrive while teleworking. 

Dates: Tuesdays, September 22 and 29, and October 6