Asnuntuck Community College, with significant financial support from Asnuntuck Community College’s Foundation, has installed a Mac computer lab at the college. The $75,000 project received a third of its funding from The Foundation. A ribbon cutting was held at the college on Monday, January 28th.

"The ACC Foundation is so pleased to step forward in such a meaningful way to support the establishment of a state-of-the-art Mac Lab at the college. Such a move will significantly enhance the quality of learning for students at Asnuntuck and allows our board to better fulfill its mission to support student academic achievement," Karen Jarmoc (right), Chairman for the Foundation.

President Martha McLeod (left) says the addition to the college’s campus showcases Asnuntuck’s commitment to embracing technology. “I am very excited about our new Mac lab.  Aside from being the industry-standard platform for creative professionals, the use of Macs allows students to be trained in software for both Mac and PC operating systems.”  She adds, “We will be providing our graduates with more flexibility and thus increasing their employment opportunities.” She said with the continued use of Macs in many area school systems, including Enfield, the installation of the lab is a necessary addition. Guy Bourassa, an adjunct instructor at ACC and Department Chair of Computer Technologies for the Enfield Public Schools is enthusiastic about the new lab. He says students in the Enfield Public Schools continue to use Macs. He said the school system’s technology is also being enhanced with each school in the Enfield Public School system receiving a class set of iPads.

Cheryl Turgeon (center), a Computer Information Systems professor at ACC and a member of the Foundation’s board, has been a strong advocate of the project.  “The generous donation from the Asnuntuck Community Foundation coupled with the investment in technology for a new state of the art Mac lab from the college is a win-win for our community.” She explains, “Technology plays a key role in engaging students and preparing them for the workplace. Asnuntuck will now be on the cutting edge with technology by maintaining multiple computer lab platforms for instructional purposes in curriculums such as Digital Arts, Communications, Information Systems Technology, Business, Mathematics and even Early Childhood Education.” The instructor continues, “Apple technology continues to grow as a significant provider of tools in the workplace and the installation of this laboratory will certainly enhance the educational skills and career goals for students.”

Michael Demers, the college’s Fine, Performing and Digital Arts Coordinator is enthusiastic about the addition. "The new Mac lab will not only make our students more competitive by teaching them another operating system, but it will also spur their creativity by moving them into a digital environment separate from the more familiar Windows platform. The possibilities for their creative output, in both images and ideas, will be limitless."

The new lab includes 28 workstations and is being used by students for the first time this spring.

Asnuntuck Summer Catalog 2013