University HQ has released its rankings of colleges. Students and their families can use the site to gain a comprehensive assessment of how their education will affect them in the long run. Students can browse a variety of prestigious colleges and universities without a user account. The site also provides comprehensive information about college and university degrees available at every level of study. Students and professionals can conduct their educational research in one place and find out which courses and careers are most appealing to them.

Among all the schools in Connecticut that offer associate degree programs, Asnuntuck Community College was ranked #1 for its offerings. Besides accreditation, University HQ ranks colleges and universities based on admission and retention rates, tuition, degrees awarded, and more. Residents of Connecticut have access to lower tuition at ACC and other public universities, with the cost hitting around $4,500 for Connecticut residents and Western Massachusetts attendees – a low cost no matter where you live.

A four-year degree is not your only option for earning a postsecondary education. An associate degree can get you into an amazing, well-paying field that you are most interested in and leave options for further degrees open to you. If you’re ready to engage in your education, ACC has the tools you need to succeed in a supportive, affordable, and quality environment.

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