Asnuntuck Community College has announced that the following full and part-time students have achieved Dean’s List status following their Spring semester of studies. Full-time students, who are matriculated in a certificate or degree program and who have successfully completed 12 or more credits of work in a semester with a grade point average of 3.4 or above are named to the list. Part-time students who are matriculated in a certificate or degree program are also eligible for such recognition when they complete 12 or more cumulative credits of work across successive semesters and achieve a grade point average of 3.4 across those terms. 


Francis Albee                          Ellington         CT

Skyler  Allard                          Wilbraham       MA

Jedidiah Andrusik                   Enfield             CT

Ian Arnone                              Somers            CT

Linnzie Bacon                         Suffield           CT

Eric Baillargeon                      Enfield             CT

Allisha Bakker                     Stafford Springs CT

Simon  Barnes                         Ellington         CT

Amanda Barsanti                    Enfield             CT

Jolene  Bauckman                   Enfield             CT

Charles Beas                           Enfield             CT

Karla Beeny                            Berlin              CT

Dadinimbou Bekley                Tolland            CT

Cheyenne Bell                         Windsor Locks CT

Eamon Beneski                       West Suffield  CT

Stacey Benis                           Enfield            CT

Carla    Beutel                          Ellington         CT

Elizabeth Bizeau                     Enfield             CT

Madysen Blackmore               East Windsor  CT

April-lynn Blanchard              Enfield             CT

Adilia  Bonilla                         Enfield             CT

Mikaela Bouchard                  Springfield      MA

Thomas Bourgault                  Southwick       MA

Sarah   Brunetti                       Enfield             CT

Elizabeth Calvin                     Enfield             CT

George Camp                          Enfield             CT

Francesca Cardinale                Somers            CT

James   Carmody                     Enfield             CT

Luke    Cassarino                     Somers            CT

Jolanta Cimochowska             Ellington         CT

Kychele Collins                       Windsor Locks CT

Dominick Corallo                   West Suffield  CT

Theresa Costa                         Ellington         CT

Tyra Countryman                    South Windsor CT

Robin  Cramer                                    Windsor          CT

Dezaree Cruz                          Enfield             CT

Claudia Cupe                          Enfield             CT

Rachel Cutter                         Enfield             CT

Kevin  D’Angelo         Windsor Locks            CT

Tania   Daleb                           Enfield             CT

Sally    DeJesus           Windsor Locks            CT

Jonathan Delgado       South Windsor            CT

Rebekah Delisle          Stafford Springs          CT

Sagemarie Desovich                Suffield          CT

Kellee  Devine                         Southwick       MA

Anthony DiPrato                     Windsor Locks CT

Samuel    Driscoll                    Windsor          CT

Kobe   Dunne                         Enfield             CT

Katherine Eggleston               Suffield           CT

Janis    Emmette                      Windsor Locks CT

Iris       Escudero                      Manchester     CT

Chad   Fahey                          Broad Brook   CT

William Febres                       Enfield             CT

Fernanda Ferrando                  Enfield             CT

Jake     Ferrato                         Enfield             CT

Sarah   Foley                           Somers            CT

Thomas Fountaine Jr.             Enfield             CT

William Fraher                        Somers            CT

Evan    Franklin                       Enfield             CT

Daniel  Frederick         East Longmeadow      MA

Jennifer Fuller                         Enfield             CT

Jack     Gagnon           East Longmeadow      MA

Jessica Gallo                           Enfield           CT

Heather Gaudet              Stafford Springs      CT

Linval  Gentles                       Springfield       MA

John Gil de Lamadrid Dubina   Norwich       CT

Kalyanaraman Gopalaswamy East Granby   CT

Alton   Grange                         Windsor         CT

Tori      Grano                          Suffield          CT

Ian       Gray                            Suffield           CT

Ethan   Gregoire                Windsor Locks      CT

Anthony Guerriero                  Enfield             CT

Rachael    Gutierrez                Coventry         CT

Samara            Guzman                      Windsor          CT

Nyla    Hadden           Vernon Rockville        CT

Brittney Harbaugh                  Enfield           CT

Robert Harmon-Jarsen            Suffield           CT

Christopher Harrington   East Longmeadow MA

Harrison Hastings                   Broad Brook   CT

Molly   Henderson                   Somers            CT

Lindsey Henry                         Suffield           CT

Lauren Hicking                       Willington       CT

Layla   Holmes                        Enfield             CT

James   Horne                          Suffield           CT

Erick    Huerta                         Enfield             CT

Paul     Iellamo            East Longmeadow      MA

Bryan  Jablonski                     Somers            CT

Shakayla Jackson                   Stratford         CT

Shianna Jackson                      Enfield             CT

Michelle Keane-Taylor       Stafford Springs CT

Jennifer Kent                          West Suffield  CT

Banlang Keokoummane          Broad Brook  CT

William Krason                       East Granby   CT

Brandon Kroll                         East Windsor  CT

Audrey               Kuronya                  Windsor Locks CT

Kyla    La Russo                     Enfield             CT

Julia     LaChance        West Springfield        MA

Michael LaFlamme                 Vernon                        CT

Kiara   Lawrence                    Bloomfield      CT

Linda   Leander                       Enfield             CT

Mariah Lebron                         Windsor          CT

Brynn  Leslie                           Windsor          CT

Melissa Liebla                         Enfield             CT

Miya    Lindley                        Hampden        MA

Alexis  Lindman                      Agawam          MA

Nicholas Liquori                     Enfield             CT

William Longo                       Broad Brook   CT

Brian   Lozier                          Enfield             CT

Lisa     Lusardi                        Enfield             CT

Nathan Madsen                       Enfield            CT

Ariana Maggio                        Enfield             CT

Ryan    Marquis                       Brookfield       CT

Sarah   Martin                         Enfield             CT

Mark    Matheus             Windsor Locks         CT

Emily   McGann          West Suffield              CT

Molly   McLaughlin                 Somers            CT

Chyna  Mcmillian        Windsor Locks            CT

Brianna Medina                      Windsor          CT

Cierra  Menard                        Enfield             CT

Jessie   Meshanic                     Enfield           CT

Mason Messier                  Stafford Springs    CT

Jacob   Michel                      Bloomfield         CT

Ryan    Mittelholtz      Stafford Springs          CT

Alicia   Mollison                      Enfield             CT

Laura   Mutti-Montigny          Enfield             CT

Emily   Neivel                          Enfield             CT

Ashley Newell                         Enfield             CT

Trevor  Nguyen                       Enfield             CT

Deannah Omary                      Windsor          CT

Maximillian Orosz                  Somers            CT

Evelyn Otero                           Enfield             CT

Ahmed Othman                      West Hartford CT

Sarah   Passmore                     Enfield             CT

Michael,Pawlowski                 Enfield             CT

Adam  Pelletier                       Enfield             CT

Patricia Penney                       Enfield             CT

Emily   Perez               Windsor Locks            CT

Courtney Perkas                      Enfield             CT

Thomas Perrin                         Suffield           CT

Adam  Pikul                Windsor Locks            CT

Brenden Pontz             Stafford Springs          CT

Danielle Poppel           Windsor Locks            CT

Amanda Prose                        Enfield             CT

Nicole  Prosinski                      Enfield             CT

Karli    Ptaszkiewicz               Somers            CT

Desere Ramsey                       Agawam          MA

Jayden Ramsey                       Willington       CT

Mary    Remotti           Windsor Locks           CT

Mariah Riddick-Young           Enfield            CT

Garrett Ritchie                         Enfield             CT

Jacob   Rock                            Enfield             CT

Danellys Rodriguez                Holyoke          MA

Xiomara Rodriguez                Enfield             CT

Yomarie Rodriguez                Manchester      CT

Cassandra Rogers                   Stafford Springs CT

Hana    Saleh                           Suffield           CT

Kerys   Salvaggio                    Suffield           CT

Emily   Sheridan          Windsor Locks            CT

Anastasia Siatras                     Somers            CT

Alicia   Simpson                      Bloomfield      CT

Ashanti Smith                         Enfield             CT

Madison Smith                        Willington       CT

Shamika Smith                        East Hartford  CT

Timothy Soltys                       East Windsor  CT

David  Sparks                         Enfield             CT

Alicia   St. Peter                       Enfield             CT

Gabrielle Stevens                    East Windsor  CT

Salvatore Stewart                   Enfield             CT

Warren Stojda                         Enfield             CT

Taylor  Strevel                         Enfield            CT      

Gaven  Swanson                      Enfield             CT

Nicholas Taylor           Stafford Springs          CT

Ella Tennis                              Enfield             CT

Sarah   Thiel                            Somers            CT

Arden  Thompson                   South Hadley  MA

Megan Torres                          Enfield             CT

Jonathan Tower                       Suffield           CT

Nicola  Travali                         Enfield             CT

Eric      Trazinski          Windsor Locks            CT

Holly   Tseka                           West Suffield  CT

Cheyenne Underwood             Enfield             CT

Greitcha Velez                        Enfield             CT

Amanda Vona             East Longmeadow      MA

Anthony Wainwright  East Longmeadow      MA

Danielle Walters                     Suffield           CT

Joseph Wascholl                     Suffield           CT

Adam  Washburn                    West Suffield  CT

Mackenzie Weaver                 Suffield           CT

Rachel White                          Enfield             CT

Mikayla Whitney                    Enfield             CT

Bryce   Wille                            Enfield             CT

Fiona   Williams                      Hartford          CT