The following agreements are in effect with Asnuntuck Community College. Please keep in mind that transfer opportunities are NOT limited to these agreements:

Albertus Magnus College – New Dimensions Program:

  • Guaranteed Admission Agreement: Guaranteed admission for students who graduate with A.A. or A.S. with min. GPA of 2.0 & enroll in B.S. of Business Management within six months of graduating from Asnuntuck Community College.

American International College:

Bay Path University:

  • Joint Admissions Agreement:
    • Guaranteed admission to Bay Path University provided that students complete an associate degree program or a minimum of 60 semester hours with a minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 2.0
    • Jointly supported advisement of students.
    • Junior status for pre-registration and priority housing.
    • Consideration for merit-based scholarships of up to $9,000/year and an additional grant of $2,000 per year. Additionally, Phi Theta Kappa scholarships are available of $1,500 per year.
    • Early and conditional acceptance into graduate school programs.
    • Access to the BPC library and student support facilities/programs including athletic events.

Connecticut State University System Dual Admissions Agreement (Eastern CT State University, Central CT State University, Southern CT State University, Western CT State University):

  • Dual Admissions Agreement: The Dual Admissions Agreement (or Transfer Compact Agreement) offers guaranteed admission to students who apply before earning 15 credits and earn an associate’s degree at a CT Community College. Additional benefits include coordinated advising and registration preference. Please visit for more information.

Elms College:

Sacred Heart University:

  • Guaranteed Acceptance Agreement: Guaranteed acceptance of an Associate Degree graduate who has earned a GPA of 2.5 or above into its baccalaureate programs. Students with at least 54 credits are classified as juniors.

University of Connecticut:

  • Guaranteed Admission Program: The Guaranteed Admission Program (GAP) is an agreement between the Connecticut Community College System and the University of Connecticut, designed for transfer students who enroll in a Liberal Arts transfer program at one of Connecticut’s community colleges.

Students who plan to continue their studies to earn a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences, Agriculture and Natural Resources or Business are guaranteed admission to the University of Connecticut once the associate degree has been earned, appropriate courses have been completed, and minimum grades and requirements for the selected program have been achieved. Advisors from individual community colleges and UConn meet with Guaranteed Admission Program students throughout their community college careers, helping their eventual transition to the University. Students wishing to enroll in the Guaranteed Admission Program must be matriculated in the Liberal Arts transfer program at one of the Connecticut community colleges.

University of St. Joseph:

  • Guaranteed Admission Program for Adult Learners: Apply at any time in your Connecticut community college academic career for Guaranteed Admission into the University of Saint Joseph Program for Adult Learners for the following programs: Accounting, Psychology, Management, Social Work, and Nursing. As a Guaranteed Admission student, you will enjoy academic and professional advising by University of Saint Joseph faculty and a seamless transition from the community college to University of Saint Joseph.Your admission will be guaranteed once you:
    • Complete your associate’s degree
    • Earn a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or above
    • Enroll in the Program for Adult Learners within two years of earning your associate’s degree