High School Partnership Program

WHAT are the advantages of the HSPP?

  • Experience college level courses
  • Explore a variety of interests
  • Earn college credits that can transfer towards two or four year degrees

WHO can take courses? 

Qualified Connecticut students can enroll in an accredited college course at Asnuntuck Community College free of tuition and fees each semester during their junior and senior years (up to 4 credits each semester).
Qualifications: 80 (B) grade average. This program is not available to high school students who reside in Massachusetts.

(Note: Students should consider their appropriateness for the High School Partnership Program and course selection carefully.  Guidance counselors will assist in this decision making process.  Final approval for student applications to the HSPP will rest with the high school counselor and the College’s program coordinator.)

HOW does a student enroll?

Students should discuss their interest in the HSPP with their high school counselor and complete an application form.  First time applicants should also complete an Asnuntuck Community College Admissions Application.

WHERE are the courses offered?

At the Asnuntuck Community College campus at 170 Elm Street, Enfield, CT 06082.

Admissions Information:
1. Complete the Admissions Application for Asnuntuck Community College
2. Complete the High School Partnership Program Application.


Assuming that you have met that semester’s application due date, your counselor will then send this along with your high school transcript to ACC.

3. If you are selecting a Math or English course, you must take the Basic Skills Assessment test or show SAT or ACT scores to determine appropriate course placement.